Rise above the little voice sabotaging your progress

You can download the checklist to find out how in 5 easy ways.

— Ways to —

Evolve & Emerge

Go further than what you’re ‘doing’.

Change the woman you’re ‘being’.


I work with Muslim women like you, so you know, see, and hear yourself
and live with intentional purpose as the woman you really are.

You can.


Isn’t it time, my lovely? 

Discover Your Self with LaYinka
is an 8-week online course for Muslim women who want to know, see, hear, and be who they truly are beyond what they are.  

Go on an epic, in-depth journey to discover who you are beneath the labels: wife, mother, sister, daughter, and job description.

Reconnect with your truest self, and gain intimate insight into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things you say and do.  

Start living from an authentic place, and affect positive change in your life and the life of people around you.    

It’s time to discover yourself.

Let's Work Together

I support you to become the woman you want to be.


Tools for Growth

Gorgeous companions for your
positive change + growth.


Safe Space Sessions

Freely discuss, share, and connect with other women in a safe space.


One-Off Sessions

Perfect for specific issues you’d like to address
in your life.


1:1 Packages

 Consistent support to become the woman you want to be.



Courses that create a ripple of internal + external shifts for long-lasting change.



Companions in your pursuit of  positive change + growth.


Evolve beyond what you are.

Emerge into the world as who you truly are.

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The Messages You Send

In this post, we’re talking about the messages you send to yourself, and how it connects to what you experience in reality.

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Client Testimonial

by Fatima Alauddin | Evolve & Emerge 1:1

Client Testimonial

by Kaltun Karani | Evolve & Emerge 1:1

Through LaYinka’s direction, I’ve been able to focus on a very specific aspect that I can work on to transform my relationship with Allah. 

— Samira Egala, UK

LaYinka is wonderful and relentlessly pushed me out of my comfort zone with courageous words without being ‎’pushy’.

Raheemah Odusote, Nigeria

5 Things You Can Do When Inner Mean Girl Shows Up


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