Got a little voice that stops you from being the woman you want to be?

Download my checklist: 5 Things You Can Do When Inner Mean Girl Shows Up.


Discover Your Self with LaYinka


How well do you know yourself on a scale of 1-10?

Which of your 3 selves do you operate from on a daily basis?

What’s the wiring in your mind behind your habit of usually being early, late, or on-time for meetings and appointments?

Discover Your Self with LaYinka is a 3-unit course set to take you on an in-depth journey to see, know, and understand who you are and how you’re wired in a way you’ve never done before.

Through live classes (that are recorded), poignant questions, stretching exercises, and a participation discussion platform away from Facebook, you are supported as you voyage into the realm of self-exploration. And because each unit spans only 4 weeks, you can study and implement the learnings without overwhelm.

It’s time to discover yourself.


Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal


The Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal is the perfect 13-week companion for you to engage in weekly reflection, so you can create the mental space you need to work towards being the woman you want to be.

Specially created for women who are tired of feeling stagnant and stuck, the Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal aims to help you see, feel, and behave in a way that’s in harmony with your values and what matters to you.

Look yourself in the mirror in a way you might never have done before. Choose to make shifts internally and externally that will affect positive change in your life. Finally control your thoughts and emotions instead of them controlling you. Use the Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal.



I Know You Can Be at Your Best


 You have BIG dreams for yourself and those you love.
You want to be a woman who embraces her gifts and uses them positively.
You want to stand tall in your truth and silence Inner Mean Girl.


Life takes over and you end up putting yourself last.
You tell yourself one day, almost every day.
You start to believe things aren’t likely to change.

Evolve into an exceptional version of yourself.
Emerge confidently into the world and truly shine.


Evolve & Emerge

It’s much more than coaching. It’s life-changing.


My signature project to help women like you
evolve in your chrysalis and emerge as a stronger, more self-aware, more driven you,
so you can know yourself, hear yourself, and be yourself.


Evolve & Emerge 1:1 One-Off


You know there are very specific areas of your life you’d like to address, and know that one-off sessions best suit your needs to evolve and emerge as your better self.

Evolve & Emerge 1:1 Packages


You’re done feeling stagnant, and want consistent support to give yourself room and permisison to unfold, surface, and soar with Online or In-Person packages.

Evolve & Emerge Workshops


Powerful online and offline workshops create a ripple of internal and external shifts. With a maximum of 15 ladies in attendance, they are deep and riveting.

Through LaYinka’s direction, I have been able to focus on a very specific aspect that I can work on to transform my relationship with Allah. 

Samira Egala, UK

LaYinka is a wonderful practitioner who relentlessly pushed me out of my comfort zone with courageous words without being ‎’pushy’.

Raheemah Odusote, Nigeria

LaYinka is a wonderful practitioner who knows what questions to ask.

Karrie Bhurgari, USA

Take a step towards being the woman you want to be.
Download my checklist: 5 Things You Can Do When Inner Mean Girl Shows Up.

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