Got a little voice that stops you from being the woman you want to be?

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Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal


The Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal is the perfect 13-week companion for you to engage in weekly reflection, so you can create the mental space you need to work towards being the woman you want to be.

Specially created for women who are tired of feeling stagnant and stuck, the Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal aims to help you see, feel, and behave in a way that’s in harmony with your values and what matters to you.

Look yourself in the mirror in a way you might never have done before. Choose to make internal and external shifts that affect positive change in your life. Finally control your thoughts and emotions instead of them controlling you.

Use the Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal. 


What if you peeled the layers of who you believe you ‘should’ be? What would you find?

What if you finally let go of expectations, and pursued goals for you?

Discover Your Self with LaYinka is a 3-unit online course for heart-centered Muslim women like you, who want to know, see, hear, and be who you truly are beyond what you are.  

You go on an epic, in-depth journey to discover who you are beneath the labels: wife, mother, sister, daughter, and job description.

You let go of fear of being judged, reconnect with your truest self, and gain intimate insight into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things you say and do.  

You start living from a truly authentic place, and affect positive change in your life and the life of people around you.    

It’s time to discover yourself.

Evolve beyond what you are.

Emerge into the world as who you truly are.

Evolve & Emerge

Go further than what you’re ‘doing’.

Shift the woman you’re ‘being’.


Dedicated to helping heart-centered Muslim women like you
know, see, hear, and be yourself beyond ‘what’ you are,
so you can
live with intentional purpose and direction in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure.


Evolve & Emerge 1:1 One-Off

 You have specific issues you’d like to address, and know that one-off sessions best suit your needs to evolve and emerge as your truest and best self.

Evolve & Emerge 1:1 Packages

 You’ve spent so long taking care of others, and want consistent guidance and support to finally start living beyond what you are in pursuit of your goals.

Evolve & Emerge Courses

 You thrive in a group setting, and benefit from courses that create a ripple of internal and external shifts towards discovering and being your best inner self.

Through LaYinka’s direction, I have been able to focus on a very specific aspect that I can work on to transform my relationship with Allah. 

Samira Egala, UK

LaYinka is a wonderful practitioner who relentlessly pushed me out of my comfort zone with courageous words without being ‎’pushy’.

Raheemah Odusote, Nigeria

LaYinka is a wonderful practitioner who knows what questions to ask.

Karrie Bhurgari, USA

Take a step towards being the woman you want to be.
Download my checklist: 5 Things You Can Do When Inner Mean Girl Shows Up.

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