It’s time to finally
come home to yourself.

You’re a dedicated woman.
You’ve given so much to others, you’ve lost sight of who you are.


It’s costing you your happiness, your joy, and your internal peace.


You’re frustrated.

You’re stuck.

You’re tired.


Every day, you mask it and tell yourself things could be worse; and every day you run the risk of your mask falling and revealing the ugly truth:

You don’t like how, who, and where you are right now.


My team and I can help.

Salaam & Hello, I’m LaYinka!

Self-Transformation Expert

As a dedicated woman who once felt disconnected from myself, I know what it’s like to go for quick ‘fixes’, hoping that a break, a movie, or even a book would sort things out. While they feel good for a while, they don’t last long, and you feel frustrated and stuck.

You’ve been there, right? And it sucks.

The good news is that there’s a better solution.

As a qualified Self-Transformation Expert, I support you on your transformational journey to  deeply connect with the ah-may-zing woman you really are, unearth the God-given greatness that already lies within you, and fulfil your greatest potential.

And the best part? It doesn’t take months and months of work — yasssss!

If you’re ready to do the necessary work to come home to yourself, book a breakthrough call so we can get you moving.


TrustScore 4.5 out of 5


It’s just changed my life. It’s changed my relationships, and it changes your relationships because it changes you.

Yasmina, September 2020

I am proud to say, I now feel like a woman of potential rather than a woman who struggles to see herself as whole!

The course has taught me self-compassion, a greater insight into my emotions and how to practically deal with my emotions in my day to day life. Finally, I see this programme as an answer from Allah of my dua and as a support from Allah saying I see you and I hear you! » Read More

Ruba Begum, November 2020

Being part of this experience is a decision I am truly blessed to have made.

The programme has allowed me to get to know myself beyond what I have been through and the ways in which it has affected me. I went from being very insecure and stuck in the past, to having hope in the future and confidence in myself. I thank LaYinka for her kindness and for accompanying me through this process. You won’t regret trusting her! » Read More

Assitan Diarra, November 2020

This programme has been the most rewarding experience I have ever gifted myself.

I have finally found the amazing, precious woman that I am inside through bonding with my inner child, healing those wounds and realising I am not broken. I appreciate the woman that I am and know my worth because I am whole and not fragmented. Thank you LaYinka for enabling me to find inner queen.

Rehema Muhamed, November 2020

You need to allow yourself to do it, you deserve to do it.

Everything that Allah has created me to be, I’m about to walk that path.

Ameenah, August 2020

These are success stories from women who’ve taken bold, brave, and courageous steps towards change for themselves and their families.


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