This week, I shared a pretty important message with my Elite List, and it’s one I want you to benefit from, too. You can have a listen to the audio, or read the text below.

Ramadan is around the corner!

I know everywhere you’re turning, everywhere you’re looking you’re hearing about Ramadan. And we’re making a big deal out of it because Ramadan is a big deal — it comes only once a year, and it’s a beautiful time to recharge, renew, refresh and pick yourself up and get going.

This week I concluded a 4-week epic journey with the ladies who signed up for ‘Evolve During Ramadan’, and it was so heartwarming for me as the facilitator of the classes to be in a position to see sisters making some changes for themselves as we approach Ramadan. And I just want to share one very key thing I shared with the ladies that I want you, too, to benefit from: The importance of being flexible.

I know you probably have big dreams and big plans for Ramadan — this is what we do because ‘maximise the benefits of Ramadan’, right? One thing I noticed with myself in the past was that I was very rigid. Let’s imagine we have a woman who wants to complete her recitation of the Qur’an in Ramadan at least once. And so she sets up a plan where she’s going to read a certain number of pages every single day; and she says that the only time she really has to do this is after Fajr, so she can do it in one large block because her house is quiet and that’s the best time to get it done.

Then Ramadan rolls in. The first few days she’s on a high; she’s completing her allotted segments every single day after Fajr. Then, her body starts to get tired. Slowly, as the days rolls by, after Fajr she’s tired and she knows her body needs sleep, but she chooses to still stay up. What happens is that as the days go on, she does fewer and fewer pages. Obviously, this makes her feel down because she’s not hitting her daily target; and she can just see ahead of her the big F. That F for failure presents itself in front of her because she’s not meeting her targets and she’s not full of the energy she started with. She feels and see that this is going to be another failed Ramadan.

Now suppose this lady decides that she can segment her reading time throughout the day; that she can approach the Qur’an at any spare moment she has so she can recite it and be with the words of her Lord. Suppose she actually gives herself the flexibility to switch up that final goal because she wants to be compassionate and kind to herself because reality has hit her and has shown her that maybe it would be a better idea to do something else.

I find that year in, year out people do the same thing every single year. They come with the same plans, they come with the same checkboxes, they come with the same mentality that this is how Ramadan has to be in order for it to be a fruitful and productive and beautiful Ramadan experience for them.

Imagine if you allowed yourself the flexibility to switch things up. Imagine if you allowed yourself the permission to be flexible and do things differently this year. Imagine if you allowed yourself the permission, the room, and the space to explore all the wonderful ways and different paths that can lead you to that destination you seek for yourself.

Often, many people, when crafting a pathway for Ramadan, only give themselves one way, and this is the definitive route to failure because when you have only one way to do something, that’s no choice at all.

If you think about Allah; He gives us multiple ways to approach Him. Even when a woman can’t pray because she’s not clean to be able to pray, Allah has is still given her avenues to reach out to Him and talk to Him directly because salah isn’t the only way a woman can communicate with her Lord.

So, just as Allah has given us multiple ways to seek His pleasure, multiple ways to seek His mercy, multiple ways to come close to Him, why then do we give ourselves only one way in order to achieve the outcomes we set for ourselves during Ramadan? Of course, this applies outside of Ramadan too; and I’m focusing specifically on Ramadan because it’s knocking on our doors and it’s around the corner, and our guest has almost arrived and may Allah allow every single one of us to witness it and benefit from it — ameen. I’m talking about Ramadan specifically because I know it’s the frame of mind we’re in right now and that’s what we’re focusing on.

I encourage you, I invite you, I implore you to be flexible. Be flexible in the way you go about your days. Be flexible in the way you seek out the goals and outcomes that you want for Ramadan. Be flexible about your outcomes, too. Sometimes we have to shift and change, and that’s okay because if you examine the ultimate purpose and mission you’re out to get, you’re probably on the way there anyway, it’s just that you had given yourself only one way to get there.

I pray that this Ramadan is a beautiful one for you; and I’m sure you are going to have a fantastic experience this year, bi’idnillah, especially if you are flexible with yourself flexible and with others in how you approach Ramadan.

Have a blessed Ramadan, a productive Ramadan, a connected Ramadan.



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