Empowering Muslim women & teens to create real, long-lasting positive change in their life

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This produces misery.
You were created to be better.

The change you want to see in your life starts on the inside.
And I’m here to help you.

Having helped hundreds of Muslim women and teens to use the power of their mind to create real, long-lasting change in their lives, I’m here to help you, too.

Salaam, I’m LaYinka!

Founder of Evolve & Emerge, Certified NLP Practitioner

When people want to improve their lives, they go for a quick fix that doesn’t last very long. And then they feel frustrated and stuck.

Short-term fixes might feel great for a little while, but we can go further than that.

Through my work as a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, I help Muslim women and teens dig deep below the surface of problems, gain a new perspective, and unearth the God-given greatness that already lies within.

The tiniest of shifts in perspective can produce mahoosive (massive+huge) impact, which can bring the real, long-lasting positive change we both know you want in your life. 

Through 1:1 sessions, courses, events, safe space sessions, and workshops, I’ve got you covered.

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Before working with LaYinka, I felt like a failure, a terrible mother, and I couldn't get organised. I felt outta control, overwhelmed, and always losing my temper. Working with her took me on an internal journey. I had to dig deep, and now I feel more grounded, like I can make shifts to change my behaviour.

— Iffat, France

I was all over the place. I was confused and overwhelmed. I was feeling lost. LaYinka was my coach, friend and private guide, alhamdulillah. She gave me the confidence that I lacked before. Alhamdulillah I am now feeling great. A better version of my previous self. I am not more in tune with my purpose in this world.

— Washeelah Youshreen Choomka, Mauritius

Before, I felt that I was lost and stuck in a rut of fighting the same old, same old and not particularly progressing in any particular positive direction. Our work together helped me to learn more about myself in detail and how I work, or do not work. This has enabled me to be more aware of my thinking and manage it better, for positive actions and in essence a better life.

— S. K., UK

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