Salaam & Hello, I’m LaYinka!

Self-Transformation Expert

As a dedicated woman who once felt disconnected from myself, I know what it’s like to go for quick ‘fixes’, hoping that a break, a movie, or even a book would sort things out. While they feel good for a while, they don’t last long, and you feel frustrated and stuck.

You’ve been there, right? And it sucks.

The good news is that there’s a better solution.

As a qualified Self-Transformation Expert, I support you on your transformational journey to  deeply connect with the ah-may-zing woman you really are, unearth the God-given greatness that already lies within you, and fulfil your greatest potential.

And the best part? It doesn’t take months and months of work — yasssss!

Start your journey with this complimentary training where I teach you the initial steps to root out and obliterate internal blocks in your way, regain control of your thoughts and emotions, and transform your life.

My Story

It was one day in 2014, when I was shocked by the woman I saw in my reflection. After a meltdown with my children, I stood in the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. Drained, empty, overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost, I hated the woman I saw. I couldn’t recognise her, and yet I knew, saw, and deeply felt how she was bringing misery, tension, and anger in her home and projecting that onto her familys.

It was ugly. And it was tiring.

Staring hard at myself in the mirror, I cried because I didn’t know how I’d allowed myself to get there. I looked at myself and asked a single question that set my heart in motion:

“LaYinka, if you died today, what would your children have to say about you?”

From the answers that came forth — passive aggressive, always shouting, harsh, negative, and complaining — I knew that I couldn’t go out with that legacy. I couldn’t carry on on that trajectory. I couldn’t carry on just pretending everything was okay — faking it and not making it. I knew something had to change before I lost the people who were important to me and before I lost everything I loved.

So I embarked on the journey to know myself, understand myself, forgive myself, embrace myself, love myself, and become a better version of myself. I focused on myself, regardless of the messiness going on in my home, because a verse in the Qur’an says:

“Indeed, God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”
– Quran: chapter 13, verse 11 

I evolved and emerged a different woman, and became softer, kinder, and more open. I grew closer to the woman I believe God created me to be. And I love every single part of me.

Am I a finished product? Not at all. I’m always growing and learning from the tests, the highs, and all the opportunities God sends my way.

And this is why I’m the best person to support you, because I’ve been there, I went on the journey, and I know what it’s like to get to and be on the other side.

Taking this programme — no brainer. Best decision.

I’ve learned to course-correct my life. I’m not afraid to face anything anymore.

May 2020

Wished I found LaYinka few years ago…

Sister LaYinka Sanni and her amazing team to me are gift from Allah SWT.

When I first saw sister LaYinka in person she truly blew my mind away… because the way she views people like myself… people who have been through tragedies and tests in life. She said, “We are not victims but we are survivors, and we can pick ourselves up going forward in fields of us coming out winners.” » Read More

Khadijah, March 2020

It’s human necessity. It’s life skills.

This should be taught in school. This would save generations to come.

February 2020

From beginning to end, this course had me stepping out of this negative comfort zone I was in, to a place that makes me see things from a clearer lens.

I never thought that I could be where I am today (optimistic and mindful of my self). I made many duas to Allah to be better in different ways and joining this course was Allah accepting my duas. I couldn’t ask for a better program, Wallahi. » Read More

Khadijah, December 2019


After having done this programme, motivation is inside my heart, and so I can give that to someone else… I say, “I did it girl, you can do it too”. » Read More

February 2020

These are success stories from women who’ve taken bold, brave, and courageous steps towards change for themselves and their families.


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