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LaYinka Sanni
Founder of Evolve & Emerge

I’m an NLP practitioner who is skillful at helping women evolve from stagnation. I especially work with women like you who have dedicated so much of themselves to and for others, that they’ve lost sight of their dreams, their strengths, and who they really are.

I give you the tools to rediscover your authentic self, unfold your wings, and emerge from your chrysalis, so you can grow, rise, and soar as an exceptional version of yourself.

It often takes someone asking deep, meaningful, and insightful questions for you to have a new perspective, and it’s the tiniest of shifts that produce mahoosive (massive+huge) impact. And I’m all about mahoosive impact.

Coaching is one of the most powerful forces for change, and with my background in NLP, I help you make macro shifts that change everything.

LaYinka Sanni
Chrysalis Emergence LaYinka Sanni

My Story

For the last 10 years, I worked as an editor and writing coach, helping dreamers evolve into dream chasers who told themselves a new narrative so they easily pushed procrastination aside, silenced doubt, and fearlessly wrote a book in 90 days or less.

I loved making words sparkle and took great pride in seeing books I worked on go into print, and I knew ― more than anything ― that I was playing it small.

Through my own evolvement and emergence, I banished self-blame, silenced negative self-talk, and decided to listen to my authentic self. I wholeheartedly wanted to dedicate my focus to help other women on their journey to embrace themselves, and grow, rise, and soar.

So that’s what I did. And that’s what I do.

Where LaYinka Sanni Appeared

My Credentials

English Language Lecturer

Seeing eyes light up, hearing pings of understanding, and witnessing sentences strung together were amongst the highlights of my work.

Editor at Islamic International Publishing House

As an editor for this powerhouse publisher, I edited, proofread, and indexed manuscripts ready for typesetting.

Managing Editor at Sisters Awakening Press

With my editing and publishing background, I curate the publication’s list to publish books I hope will rouse hearts and motivate readers.

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