Appreciation from Clients

I love that LaYinka held me accountable all the time because I knew that I always had to deliver. I am a lot more confident about my writing. I genuinely appreciated every push!

Suad Kamardeen, UK

LaYinka is a wonderful coach who knows what questions to ask. She helped me clarify my purpose in writing. I feel I am more true to myself, confident, and focused.

Karrie Bhurgari, USA

LaYinka’s method of coaching went straight to the heart of the matter, and helped me probe deep into what was causing my perceived writer’s block and procrastination. Being coached by LaYinka is the best decision I’ve made.

Amina Oke, Nigeria

Before the coaching call, I thought I was battling with writers block. LaYinka helped me unblock a denied truth – a fear of seeing the truth in black and white. And whilst I wanted to share my experience with the world by way of a book, LaYinka gently guided me to heal first — by way of journaling. Powerful!

Umm Aasiyah, UK

For anyone who is seriously thinking about writing a book for the first time, I highly recommend working with LaYinka. We took my story idea and moved it along to a working plot, then we made characters come to life and finally tied it all together with a detailed outline which took quite a bit of time. LaYinka helped me all along the way with email and Facebook support as well as Skype sessions. She forwarded examples and clarified anything I was unsure of. She made what I thought would be difficult, easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend working with her. It has been a pleasure.

Ann Marie Lambert Stock, Saudi Arabia

Coaching has changed my life in the way I look at my writing. I used to think I might not be good enough as a writer and mostly doubt what I’ve written. I have learnt that I am the only one who could limit myself if I allow it, that there are possibilities to become what I want with my writing by making my voice heard. I have also gained insights into how to write better by following certain conventions. I have a rein on my writing habit now, that is, I can now write more by having a schedule that is more realistic as time permits. No excuses of ‘no time’.

Raheemah Odusote, Nigeria

LaYinka Sanni’s coaching was an eye-opener for me. Within 30 minutes I learnt what I was lacking and what I must focus on. The best aspect for me was gaining clarity of goals and process.

Umm Afraz, UAE

LaYinka Sanni is an awesome writing coach and fun to work with. If you are serious about your writing goals and dreams, she’d support you 100% till you achieve your goals. I definitely recommend her for anyone looking to write a book.

Aishah Adams, Nigeria ― Author of ‘The White Elephant’

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