What Keeps You Going?

I had a meeting with one of my 1:1 clients, and we were reviewing her past two months of us working together when she asked me a question. In today’s post, I share that with you.

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Knowing Who You Are

Today’s blog post stems and moves on from last week, and it’s based on an email reply I received from a sister who asked, ‘What does who you are look like?’

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The Truth about Self-Care

There was once a woman who said quite consistently that she didn’t have time for herself. You could see that she was running on zero — running on empty. In this post, I share her story.

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The Opportunity of Failure

As you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure there’s something you’ve wanted to do or have been wanting to do for the looooooongest time and you’ve held yourself back. Right? In this post, I talk about that.

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