The Fingers Pointing Back

“When you point your finger at someone, anyone, it is often a moment of judgement. We point our fingers when we want to scold someone, point out what they have done wrong. But each time we point, we simultaneously point three fingers back at ourselves.” ― Christopher...

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When Did You Last Take Stock?

Late in April, during a ‘gut the house’ frenzy I had in a bid to declutter my home, I came across old journals I’d stashed away. And it was through reading through entries, that a realisation came to me and a smile crossed my face: I was no longer that woman.

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Angle Matters: Power of Perspective

A few weeks ago, I’d been anticipating the results of a blood test I’d had done a couple of weeks prior, only to be told that I needed to wait an entire weekend to discuss the results with my doctor. At that moment, I had to make a choice.

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Decide, You Do

There comes a point when we have to decide what course of action we’d like to take. We must be aware of this: Deciding to do nothing is as much as a decision as deciding to do something.

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When an Idea Becomes a Mountain

It starts with a tiny pebble — insignificant and non-threatening. A pebble you wouldn’t think twice about, or even really notice. Then, it adopts a companion. And another. And another. Then a few more. They are a cute little huddle you could easily step over, until…

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I love writing as much as I love coaching, so here you will find some a mixture of personal development posts, fiction, poetry, and musings.

― LY. x

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