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Flagship Courses

Evolve During Ramadan

Every year you plan.
Every year you feel like you underperformed.

As the blessed month approaches, most people focus on doing more acts of worship because that’s what’s expected, right? But with checklists as long as your arm, burnout and falling short are almost always guaranteed.

And it makes you feel awful.

Evolve During Ramadan helps you overcome overwhelm, ditch dread, and have your most connected Ramadan experience yet.

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Before the course, I felt very low on confidence, self-esteem, frustrated, stressed, and anxious. The course helped me see I am not my thoughts. I can be better or I can stay the same. I have a choice. I am in control. The greatest insight I got from Unit One is that the image of myself in my head is reflected on those around me.

— Fatimah G., UK | ‘Discover Your Self with LaYinka’ course attendee

Before joining the course, I felt as though I needed direction to avoid falling into the Ramadan burn out I always experience. The course has helped me to change my attitude in approaching Ramadan. Through LaYinka's direction, I have been able to focus on a very specific aspect that I can work on to transform my relationship with Allah.

— Samira Egala, UK | ‘Evolve During Ramadan’ course attendee

I felt about myself as a weak person, unable to express what I wanted or desired. In Unit One I learned of a new way to talk to myself about myself and about my thoughts. I learned that I have the control of my thoughts and I can change the way or style of thoughts to become the person I would rather be. I handle my anger instead of my anger and all the feelings handling me. Now, I feel hopeful.

— Shirley, USA | ‘Discover Your Self with LaYinka’ course attendee

Prior to the course, I felt I would have to find ways to 'survive' again as I had done in previous Ramadans. I saw myself preparing a checklist of things to achieve in Ramadan. The course changed my focus and perspective completely, mashallah! It gave me a new meaning to Ramadan preparations — no more 'bootcamp' type approach. I learnt from this course that the internal was also important and actually quality was vital in my Ramadan preparation.

— Yasmin, UK | ‘Evolve During Ramadan’ course attendee

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