Prepare to Evolve During Ramadan. Live workshops with LaYinka Sanni

The woman you are on the inside massively impacts how you are on the outside. It’s time to discover yourself.

While some people believe they know themselves well, most people have no idea why they’re usually early, late, or on-time for meetings and appointments, or why they are inclined towards pleasure or away from pain.

How you’re wired massively affects your decisions, and from knowing yourself deeply, you’ll be equipped with knowledge to truly transform yourself, whether you believe you know yourself well or not at all. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, discovering the coding of your mind will have a huge impact on the choices you make for yourself and those around you.

By the end of Unit One, you’ll be able to:

  • Define + distinguish the 3 types of your self and where you operate from
  • Easily separate who you are from what you do
  • Identify + establish the link between your internal and external self, so you can immediately start making better choices
  • Discover the internal patterns that indicate how you decide on things you do and don’t choose to do 

Unit One Details:

Duration: 4 weeks
Format: Live weekly classes (recorded)
Included: PDF workbook + Participant discussion platform
Spaces available: Only 15


Forthcoming Units 

Unit Two: Your Mind’s the Limit
By the end of Unit Two, you will be able to:

  • Analyse the internal programmes running you so you can reshape those that are not useful
  • Unearth limiting beliefs leading to limiting behaviours + decisions you make
  • Classify + clarify values that are core to your being and their link to your behaviour
  • Dissect + examine beliefs you hold about 4 core areas of your life

Unit Three: Crafting Your Success Route
By the end of Unit Three, you will be able to:

  • Create a congruent action plan that marries the intricate link between your values + beliefs
  • Break down the stimulus + response process to create a new choice of responses
  • Explore + analyse your pattern of behaviour to develop more useful patterns
  • Integrate knowledge gained to design an action plan using a success formulact

REGISTRATION FOR UNITS 2 + 3 will only be available to those who complete Unit 1. Each unit is sold separately.


NOTE: You have the option to bundle your registration with a copy of the Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal.


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Unlike other workshops I have attended that focus on a to-do list and bootcamp style Ramadan, this one has helped me rekindle a connection with my Rabb that will continue after Ramadan. Taking part in the workshop has helped me form this relationship before Ramadan and form goals that will strengthen this relationship.

  Samira, workshop attendee

Dedicated to helping women feel, think, and behave differently, so they can emerge as exceptional versions of themselves.