Discover Your Self with LaYinka

You’re a heart-centered woman who’s driven
to help and be there for others.

The problem is, life and responsibilities have taken their toll on you,
and you shield your heart and truest self from the world, for fear of being judged, hurt, and disappointed — again. 

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people
until they change what is in themselves.” – Surah ar-Ra’d (13:11)

The woman you are on the inside massively impacts how you are on the outside.  

You’ve done positive affirmations.
You’ve journaled your heart out.

They haven’t worked.

It’s time for something that does.

Discover Your Self with LaYinka is a 3-unit course for Muslim women like you, who want to know, see, hear, and be who you truly are beyond what you are. 

You wear the layers of being a daughter, sister, niece, mother, wife, student, or employee, and beneath all of that, the truest version of who you are is far more than what you and your environment believe you are.

If you’re a woman who:

  • sees yourself fulfilling others without fulfilling yourself
  • feels you’ve lost yourself amongst your responsibilities
  • has a niggling of self-doubt
  • finds it a challenge to craft time for your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being
  • seems to have it together on the outside, yet feels like a mess on the inside

This course is for you.

Be empowered to affect positive change in your life.

Live with intentional purpose in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure.

Go on this epic, in-depth journey
to discover and reconnect with your truest self.

Live from a place that’s truly authentic.

Salaam, my lovely. I’m LaYinka Sanni, an NLP practitioner who knows what it’s like to dedicate so much of yourself to and for others, that somehow you lose sight of who you really are.

I’ve been there, too, and I’ve created this course so know yourself, hear yourself, and be yourself as you gain intimate insight into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things you say and do.


Each unit of Discover Your Self with LaYinka spans 4 weeks and includes:

Weekly class – recorded

A 1-hour live class recorded for you to re-watch at your convenience

Safe Discussion Space

A safe discussion platform away from the noise of Facebook

Office Hours

 1-hour session every week where I work through your questions and concerns


Stretching Exercises

So you and your heart move towards the positive action you desire

Unit Contents


Unit One
Know Thy Self

By the end of Unit One, inshaAllah, you’ll be able to:

  • Define + distinguish the 3 types of your self and where you operate from
  • Easily separate who you are from what you do
  • Identify + establish the link between your internal and external self, so you can immediately start making better choices
  • Discover the internal patterns that indicate how you decide on things you do and don’t choose to do


Unit Two
Your Mind’s the Limit

By the end of Unit Two, inshaAllah, you will be able to:

  • Analyse the internal programmes running you so you can reshape those that are not useful
  • Unearth limiting beliefs leading to limiting behaviours + decisions you make
  • Classify + clarify values that are core to your being and their link to your behaviour
  • Dissect + examine beliefs you hold about 4 core areas of your life


Unit Three
Crafting Your Success Route

By the end of Unit Three, inshaAllah, you will be able to:

  • Create a congruent action plan that marries the intricate link between your values + beliefs
  • Break down the stimulus + response process to create a new choice of responses
  • Explore + analyse your pattern of behaviour to develop more useful patterns
  • Integrate knowledge gained to design an action plan using a success formula




Before the course, I felt about myself as a weak person, unable to express what I wanted or desired. In Unit One I learned of a new way to talk to myself about myself and about my thoughts. I learned that I have the control of my thoughts and I can change the way or style of thoughts to become the person I would rather be. I handle my anger instead of my anger and all the feelings handling me. Now, I feel hopeful.

— Shirley, USA

Before the course, I felt very low on confidence, self-esteem, frustrated, stressed, and anxious. The course helped me see I am not my thoughts. I can be better or I can stay the same. I have a choice. I am in control. The greatest insight I got from Unit One is that the image of myself in my head is reflected on those around me.

— Fatimah G., UK

Interested in the Group Version?

Journey with other women dedicated to knowing themselves, too.

Interested in the 1:1 Version?

I become your personal partner on your journey to knowing yourself.