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Positive Change Awaits You, My Lovely.

I work with Muslim women and teens who are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and secretly resentful of the ones they wholeheartedly love. You know things aren’t the way you want them to be. You know something needs to change. You know you want better.

But how?

Evolve & Evolve 1:1 packages unearth what’s going on for you so you can be your truest self, nurture her back into the driving seat, and quit hiding from yourself.


If you..


  • feel lost and like you want to run away from your life
  • have that unsettling thought of not knowing who you really are
  • see yourself being there for others without truly being there for yourself
  • hear negative thought patterns about yourself, other people, and what’s possible

…take a deep breath.

the peace of knowing you’re standing tall in your truth.

the bliss of finally caring for your  well-being — guilt-free.

the joy as you pursue your innermost goals — free of self-doubt.  

Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?

That’s exactly why I created Evolve & Emerge

so you can go…





With Evolve & Emerge 1:1 packages, you have an NLP practitioner with several years experience inspiring Muslim women and teens to use the power of their minds to positively change you their life. I see, hear, and feel you because I once was you. I’ve struggled. I’ve hit rock bottom. I’ve even greatly disliked myself and everything about me. I’m passionate about this work because I’ve evolved and emerged, too (and I’m still doing the work).

With me, you get:

» a judgement-free safe space — this is mahoosively important to me, and I’m sure it is to you, too

» support to explore and invite your God-given authentic self to emerge

» powerful insight into what’s beneath your behaviour, so you’re empowered to make the changes you want to see and feel in your life

Some areas I’ve helped clients with:

self-esteem & confidence


emotional well-being

relationships + friendships

spiritual well-being

childhood conditioning

How Would You Like to Evolve & Emerge?

Weekly Sessions

— best if you need high-level support to work on issues in more than one area of your life


4 video calls a month (50 mins each) 
Unlimited email support
Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal
Access to me via WhatsApp messaging

Fortnightly Sessions

— a great fit if have a very specific area of your life you’d like to work on together, and you’re taking action


2 video calls a month (50 mins each) 
Unlimited email support
Access to me via WhatApp messaging 

Monthly Sessions

 — a perfect solution if you need a support system as you actively make changes in your life


1 video call a month (50 mins)
Unlimited email support
Access to me via WhatsApp messaging

All Evolve & Emerge 1:1 Online packages last for a minimum of 3 months, where you get the benefits of a powerful transformational relationship, and gain clarity, insight, and awareness about yourself and what’s really going on for you. You learn to retrieve wonderful gems and learnings that stay with you for longer than our time together.

Packages are suitable for adults (18+) and teens (13-18).

Hear from Evolve & Emerge clients

Before working with LaYinka, I was all over the place. I was confused and overwhelmed. I was feeling lost. Alhamdulillah, I am now feeling great. A better version of my previous self. The greatest area of progress was the ‘mahoosive’ (quoting LaYinka) improvement in my spiritual being.  I am now proud of my Muslim identity, alhamdulillah.

— Washeelah Youshreen Choomka, Mauritius

I felt like a failure, a terrible mother, couldn’t get organised, felt outta control, overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed, alway losing my temper. Now, I feel more grounded, like I can understand why I do what I do and can make shifts to change my behaviour. Working with LaYinka took me on an internal process journey. I had to dig deep and understand what I tell myself about myself.

— Iffat, France

I am very happy how LaYinka heard my thoughts and emotions and saw how my mind works. I feel really happy that I chose her to be part of my growing as I needed someone who would gently push me in the direction that is good for me. The word ‘happy’ was not in my vocabulary, but she sprinkled back some hope of happiness in me and myself.

— Fatima, UK

Before I started working with LaYinka, I felt that I was lost and stuck in a rut of fighting the same old, same old and not particularly progressing in any particular positive direction. Now, I feel less foggier, much more clearer about what I want and what I need to get there, insha’Allah. We were able to peel away the layers within that have been holding me back from moving forward. Our work together helped me to learn more about myself in detail and how I work, or do not work. This has enabled me to be more aware of my thinking and manage it better, for positive actions and in essence a better life. The greatest area of change is my internal mindset. My life hasnt changed much in the sense of what is happening in terms of what I cannot control. But that which I do control, my mind, my thoughts, have changed. I know this, because each time I fall, my recovery time is so much less… I am swift to get back up again! Alhumdollilah.

— S.K, UK

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Ready to Evolve & Emerge, my lovely?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your sessions video sessions?

Video sessions are essential in us building a connection and a sense of trust. Also, I get a lot of information from a person besides the words they utter since body language and facial expressions say so much.

What time commitment is required to work with you?

How much time do you want to dedicate for yourself? 🙂

On a serious note, I dedicate a minimum of 3 months to work with you to evolve and emerge because I believe in consistent support in the path towards change. If you’re ready, I’m ready — as long as I have client spots available, of course.

Is Evolve & Emerge right for me?

If you feel stuck and stagnant, and you’re going round in circles is making your head spin, I’d say it is. Here’s the thing: It’s vital you feel and believe you want and need change in your life right now. If your heart isn’t invested, it would be best we didn’t work together because you will get as much out of Evolve & Emerge as you dedicate to it. If you’re ready to make change and quit making excuses, come on over and let’s do this! 

Can you guarantee that I'll change, though?

That’s such an intriguing question!

I am here to support you throughout our time together by unearthing what’s going on beneath your behaviour. You will come to some ah-may-zing realisations and truths, and I’ll offer you new and fresh prespectives to view your life through. That’s guaranteed. The result and outcome of our time together lies in you taking action, and this is something you’re completely empowered with, my lovely. That responsibility is yours.

I'm a teen. Will you share what we discuss with anyone?

Trust is a core part of me and my work. I understand how important it is to be able to trust people, and how it can feel like you don’t have anyone you can share things with freely and honestly.

I promise to keep what we discuss in our sessions just between us unless you have shared something which could put you in harm’s way. At that point, I will openly tell you that it’s my duty to keep you safe and well, so there’s no chatting behind your back.

I'm the parent or carer of a teen. Will you share the content of your sessions with me?

As a mother of teens myself, I know how much we want to know what’s going on in our teens’ lives. And I understand that you’d want to know everything that’s going on with your teen.

Trust and confidentiality are paramount in my work, moreso when building and maintaining a trusting connection with teens. It’s important that they feel safe to share everything and anything with me, so I am diligent in keeping matters discussed within sessions to myself. 

If I have concerns for her safety and well-being, she will be informed that I will be sharing with necessary parties to ensure she’s safe.

Why do you have a limit on the number of people you work with 1:1?

Good question!

I believe in truly showing up for myself and my family as well as showing up for the women I work with in the best way possible. In order to do this, I have a maximum number of women I work with at any one time to live by what I preach and avoid burnout.

Got a Question?


If you’re interested in working with me and have some questions you’d like to ask,
please use the form below to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

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Evolve & Emerge

1:1 In-Person
£249/per month*
    • — 30-minute welcome chat
    • — 2 fortnightly in-person meetings a month (up to 90 mins. each)
    • — 2 video calls a month, as needed (up to 60 mins. each)
    • — Unlimited email support
    • — Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal
    • —Midweek check-in catch-up (via email/text message)
    • — Minimum commitment of 3 months
    • * weekly payment option available

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