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Hello, Change. Goodbye Fear.


I work with Muslim women like you who want to live authentically, yet find you’ve dedicated so much of yourself to and for others, you’ve lost sight of who you really are.

 There’s a stirring in your heart that tells you there are specific issues you’d like to address, and Evolve & Emerge single sessions empower you to take steps to live as the same woman on the inside and on the outside.

Are you a Muslim woman who:


  • is really good at putting yourself down?
  • struggles to craft time for your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being?
  • often feels overwhelmed by just how much you do?
  • juggles several responsibilities and has a niggling of self-doubt?

That was me, once, too.

having the clarity to be in a way that’s true to who you really are.

loving everything you see about the woman you see in the mirror.

finally feeling at peace because you’re finally doing what’s right for you.

That can be you.

I curated Evolve & Emerge

to take you…




calm focus

I know exactly what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the idea of change because it seems like such a huge task. And when you feel and think there are so many things you’d like to ‘fix’ in order to be your best self, staying as you are starts to seem more attractive.

Positive change is easier (and quicker!) than you think.

With Evolve & Emerge 1:1 single sessions, you have all the benefits of working with an insightful and skillful NLP practitioner who has walked the talk, and you have the freedom to work on what’s important to you as and when you want to.

With me, you get:

> an empowering and personalised framework for change

> a safe space to explore, gain self-awareness, and evolve

> the tools to invite your authentic self to emerge — beautifully

Priced at £49.99 for 60 minutes, single sessions are cost-effective and powerful. 

Some Things Single Sessions Help With

· anxiety

· self-blame

· low self-esteem

· negative issues from the past

· feeling stuck


as well as:

· Habits & Behaviours

 · Limiting Beliefs

· Negative States of Mind

· Internal Sequences

· Negative Emotions

· Internal Conflict

Habits & Behaviours

If you have a behaviour you repeat regularly and wish you didn’t have, I take you through an exercise so you can stop those behaviours. Likewise, I support your desire to quit habits and undesirable behaviour that don’t support you by discovering and changing the finer details of the pictures, sounds, and/or feelings you hold in your head.

A client no longer spends ages on her phone at night after we worked on her habit of incessant scrolling on social media while lying in bed.

Limiting Beliefs

During our lifetime, we adopt beliefs that drive our behaviour, yet some are not useful, for example, “I’m not [good/tall/thin] enough.” I help you change beliefs that limit you and permenently change limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs.

A client overcame her belief that she was unable to write a children’s book, and finally started penning her very first book for children.

Negative States of Mind

We all have automatic and unconscious triggers to events, thoughts, smells, images, and sounds, and while some triggers are positive — like the smell of baking bread — some aren’t. With a very specific process, I help you install positive states for when you need them most.

A client has an anchor she uses whenever she wants to rid herself of overwhelm, so she can get on with her day with calm, clarity, focus, and determined direction.

Internal Sequences

Every single one of us has a unique and individual sequence of thoughts and feelings that lead to our actions. For example, we know when to stop brushing our teeth due to the unconscious sequence running in our mind. We have a sequence for pretty much everything — motivation, decisions, taking action — and while many work for us, some don’t. I help you understand your sequences and create those that help you get what you want for yourself.

A client now has a sequence that motivates her to approach prayer in a way that allows her to connect with God before she even gets up to pray.

Negative Emotions

If you have negative emotions in your life that are holding you back, I assist you to release them so you can operate from a place of clarity and be free from unwarranted anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt.

A client now has the freedom to drive on both flat land and hills after a session where we released her fear of stalling while driving.

Internal Conflict

Overwhelming feelings, reactions, and ‘out-of-control’ behaviour are often the result of ‘conflicting parts’ that exist within us, and it’s important to have harmony within us so we can operate from a place of congruence.

A client is now free from binge-eating and numbing behaviour now she has a wholeness free from the previous internal conflict she had between facing pain and running from the world.

Hear from Evolve & Emerge clients

Before the session, I thought I was battling writers block. LaYinka helped me unblock a denied truth – a fear of seeing the truth in black and white. And whilst I wanted to share my experience with the world by way of a book, LaYinka gently guided me to heal first — by way of journaling. Powerful!

— Umm Aasiyah, UK

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— Cancellations need to be made 24 hours before scheduled sessions. Cancellations made after this time are forfeited and cannot be rebooked.

— If you’re more than 10 minutes late for our session, the appointment will be deemed cancelled.

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