Torn Page Diaries (V)

May 1st You might like to call my disappearance a hiatus, I’d much rather call it trying to sort out my head and the buzz of activity that was swirling within it, leaving me feeling deliriously hopeless. Am I fixed? No, I wouldn’t say that, but I know that I’m no... Read more

Torn Page Diaries (IV)

February 27th It had fallen out of the photo album – the fat leather-bound book with clear pockets that held snapshots from the past. Our past. It was crumpled along one edge, as though it had been balled into a fist and then smoothed out again.The fist must... Read more

Torn Page Diaries (III)

February 17th I don’t know why I did it. I don’t know why I went down there. I’d mistaken the window of hope that I’d seen in my dreams for reality. I’m sure he had turned around when I called his name and pulled the corners of his mouth towards his eyes in the widest... Read more

Torn Page Diaries (II)

February 10th The large whites of her eyes were a deep bloodshot red. Red must have been the only colour her half-open eyes could see when she looked at me. Her lips were twisted into a scowl of disgust, and her eyebrows were fused into a bunch that dug deep between... Read more

Torn Page Diaries (I)

February 7th 18 days. It’s been 18 days exactly since she left, and this time she didn’t tell me when she’d be back. I wish I could laugh; I wish I could find it funny how the number 18 is also symbolic for the number of years that I’ve been breathing. Breathing. To... Read more

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