I’m sure, at some point in the past, you’ve told yourself that you’re a procrastinator, lazy, useless, stupid, and a whole host of other things.

The thing about these things is: They are labels. 

And what’s the purpose of a label? It’s to be able to identify what that thing is. The moment you stamp yourself with a label, you’re identifying yourself as that thing. So, when you stamp ‘I’m a procrastinator’ onto yourself, you identify as a procrastinator and guess what happens? You end up living like a procrastinator.

You stamp yourself with ‘I’m stupid’ guess what happens? You start identifying yourself as stupid and living life like someone who’s stupid, even if you’re not. And this is the amazing and dangerous thing about labels: They can serve you or crush you.

They can serve you to heights where you are achieving, being an awesome person, doing great things, or they can cut you down and all of your potential despite you having them.

I hear people using labels time and time again, especially the four I mentioned: stupid, procrastinator, lazy, and useless. They just flow from the tongue, so easily, unknowing they have severe ramifications in one’s reality and life.

So, as you’re reading this, sis, I want you to start thinking of the labels you call yourself on a regular basis. What are those things you say to yourself about yourself?

“I’m stupid? I’m lazy? I’m a procrastinator? I’m unable to achieve…,” whatever it is. Then, really look at the results it’s producing in your life. So there are times you say, “Ugh, I’m a procrastinator,” and you know you’re doing nothing, mindlessly scrolling on Facebook, binging on Netflix — whatever it may be — you know you aren’t achieving, yet you are capable of achieving what you wanna achieve.

You are capable of achieving what you wanna achieve.

So, my invitation to you, sis, examine your labels. Change the labels you’re stamping on yourself, because that’s how and what you identify yourself as.

 The purpose of your unconscious mind is to help you live by your labels. So, sis, if you say you’re lazy, your unconscious mind’s like, “Okay, cool. She’s lazy, so let’s just make her super tired,” and you’ll find yourself just lying in bed all day, doing nothing.

This is vital. Absolutely vital. 

Because the labels we give ourselves, are the ones we live by. Quote that. Tweet that. Dude, put it somewhere you can see.

The labels you give yourself are the ones you live by.

So, choose them wisely, sis. Choose your labels so they empower, build, elevate you and help you be the woman you want to be, have the things that you want to have in your life, and feel the way you want to feel.


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