“Know someone who’s successful at something you’d like to do? Learn from their story — every single chapter — and not the current book cover of their life.” Umm Raiyaan

This is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful quote by my dear, dear friend, teacher, therapist, and mentor, Umm Raiyaan of Solace UK and Sisters Achieve.

I remember when I came across this quote from her and I was like, ‘This. Yep! All of that’ because there’s something I’ve noticed in recent years, where we find it so easy to look at what someone is achieving and the goals they’re meeting, and think they’ve made it.

That ‘look at what they’re doing and what they have,’ and wanting to do that for ourselves and emulate it, but we tend to forget that the achievement or success, or that meeting of goals, comes with a backstory; and the backstory isn’t always pretty, isn’t always easy listening, and isn’t always something we’d want for ourselves or even for that person.

And so as you’re reading this, and you may be in a position where you’re looking at what other people are doing and you’re thinking, ‘Wow that’s amazing. I wonder how she did that,’ or you may be looking at that, thinking, ‘Maybe I just need to do this and that’ remember, no one just makes it.

No one just arrives and lands at success. No one just wakes up in the morning, and they are at the destination of their dreams. It takes work, struggle, strife; it takes pain, and tears; it takes grinding, and consistent action; it takes falling, slipping, being flat on your back, then choosing to rise, then falling again, and then choosing to rise again. It takes a heck of a lot.

And so if you, as you’re reading this, are wondering, ‘How did she do that?’ Or maybe you’re thinking, ‘I wish I had that.’ Maybe ask the person:

“Tell me, what’s your backstory? What’s the pain you had to endure? What’s the struggle you had to go through? What’s the truth behind what we see of you today?”

That is what will inspire you to get up and rise. That’s what will help you keep going when you feel like giving up.

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

I pray today’s Friday Feeler is of benefit to you, my lovely. Feel free to share it with someone you love, and someone you feel would benefit from today’s message.

I look forward to being in your inbox again next week, inshaAllah. Have a most beautiful weekend, Beautiful.

Much love,



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