A few weeks ago, I’d just finished wrapping up an Instagram Live that I’d geared myself up to deliver for several weeks. I delivered what I needed to deliver, ended the live video, and pressed save.

I went about my business because Instagram was supposed to upload it for people to be able to rewatch in their own time. When I came back a little while later, I saw that Instagram had decided they weren’t going to post it.

Much to my initial annoyance, I was like, ‘For reals, IG, you’re going to play me like this? You aren’t going to upload this video for me?’ I reflected on this, and accepted that it was the way things had to be, especially because I’d actually made istikhara, the salah of guidance, before I’d done that particular live.

Shortly after, I received a message in my inbox from a beautiful sister who asked, “Is it really possible to accept things as they are?”

That question made me pause.

Because yes, I could say, “Of course, it’s qadrullah — whatever happens is decreed by Allah, and we accept whatever comes our way, and we roll with the qadr.”

I paused instead. Instead of thinking, ‘Well, she should know this. This is basic, Islam 101’, it made me come down with humility with the recognition that not everyone’s there.

Not everyone is at that place where, when something happens to them, they can raise their hands and say, “Qadrullah. It’s the will of Allah as it’s meant to be, and it’s all good.”

Because let’s face it, we’re humans, right? And we’re not always in that optimal place of accepting what comes our way, especially when what comes our way isn’t what we want; isn’t the thing that we’ve asked for; isn’t the outcome we’re seeking.

And it was for me to see this. So, it wasn’t for me to tell her, “Hey sis, this is qadr.” It was for me to ask her, “Tell me, what’s your relationship with Allah like?”

And just recording this conversation with her brings me to tears, because, how many times have I needed that question when I felt down in the dumps; but instead of being asked, “Sis, how’s your foundation?” I’m being told, “You should be doing that, you should be doing that, you should be doing that,” when I’m just barely holding on to the thread of eman; I’m just barely holding on to my belief in Allah.

And so me, with you today, I want to ask you, my lovely: What’s your relationship like with Allah?

Regardless of what you’re doing, what you’re not doing, what you should be doing, what you shouldn’t be doing truly, sis, in all honesty, and with earnest desire, love, and care for you: What’s your relationship like with Allah?

Answer that question for yourself honestly not what you want it to be, what it should be, but what it really, actually is in its complete naked self.

You know, and so does He.

And as you answer that question for yourself today, I want you to say one thing, just one small thing you can do:

What can I do today to increase, to improve, and to strengthen my relationship with my Master, my Creator, my Sustainer, and the One Who loves me more than anyone else ever could?

Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend, my love, and if you feel the need to get in touch with me, please do. I love hearing from you.

I look forward to being in your inbox again next week, inshaAllah.

Much love,



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