Two weeks ago, I had the absolute honour and pleasure to be one of the attendees at an amazingly beautiful celebration for my good friend Barakah Hassan’s new book, ‘Taking Action.’

It was a wonderful event, absolutely stunning, I must say, and I actually told Barakah that she has set such a high bar for book launches, that those of us who were thinking of writing a book have got a tall, tall order to fill right now. But it was such a beautiful event, allahumma baarik.

And as we were all there to celebrate the tremendous work Barakah had put into getting her book written, published, and launched, I took a moment because, for me, it was bigger than this book coming out. It was even bigger than the work Barakah put into the book.

For me, as I was there in attendance at that event, I saw a woman who had to go through certain tests in her life, in order to get to the point where she was glowing, and had people celebrating her achievements.

It was these tests Barakah had that were the fuel of motivation for her to decide to rise. And if it were not for these tests — the breaking, the hardship, the tears, the humiliation —  if it were not for all of those things, Barakah would have very little motivation to take the necessary action to rise.

Why am I sharing this with you? I’m sharing this because often we are tested with things, and we think, ‘This here is going to break me, and it’ll be the end of me.’

But it might not be.

It might be the very thing you need, the very seed you need to have planted to shake you awake, and get you moving. Imagine that. Radical, huh?

That was what was going through my mind: The spectacular achievement couldn’t have happened unless she went through that, because without those things laid down for her,

she may have remained stagnant,
she may have remained comfortable,
she may have remained still.

Do you see yourself, your story, and your life reflected in what I’m sharing today?
The trials you had to go through, maybe even the good times you’ve enjoyed, have come about as a result of some hardship, some pain, and some crying.

Think about it:

If it hadn’t been for this, would you have that?
If it hadn’t been for that, would you have this?

Examine your life now, wherever you are. Whether you’re right now being tested, or you’ve passed some tests. Consider as you’re reading this:

  • What was necessary for you to have the ease?
  • What hardship was necessary for you to have the happiness, and the peace?
  • What needed to happen?
  • What did you have to experience to get that?

And when you recognise that, I invite you to praise Allah for the test, the breaking, the heartache, the tears; praise Him. Because that was a gift to get you to shore, and isn’t that wonderful? And doesn’t He deserve to be praised for that gift?

I pray today’s Friday Feeler is of use to you, my love, and is a means for you to turn to Allah, to praise Him, wherever you are, whatever situation you find yourself to be in, and thank Him.

Because if right now you’re in a test, He’s paving the way for some beauty laying ahead.
And if you’re in a space of beauty, wonder, peace, and contentment, He’s taken you through something to get there. Alhamdulillah, a thousand times over. Alhamdulillah.

Have a beautiful weekend ahead, my love, and I look forward to being in your inbox again next week, inshaAllah.

Much love,


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