“There are those who merely dream, and there are those who dream and do. The former leads to regret, while the latter leads to fulfillment. This is for the dreamers and doers, the ones who will succeed by consistently taking action.”

What I just shared with you is an excerpt from the very beginning of a new book called, ‘Taking Action’ by Barakah Hassan. It is an amazing book, truly. It’s one that has opened my eyes, even as someone who considers herself a doer. It’s helped fill in some cracks in my way of doing things, and I’m truly, truly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to read the book.

This book is ‘The busy entrepreneur’s guide to mastering time management and setting smart goals’. So if you’re in the process of creating a business, and even if you aren’t, it’s a fantastic book to help you zero-in on skills and habits that will do you really, really well in setting goals and to actually take action, because that’s the key thing here, isn’t it?

You can have all the goals in the world, and all the wonderful intentions, but it’s only the moment you take action that you start to become a doer and work towards those goals. Otherwise, those goals remain as simple wishes.

Now here are some of the key learnings I took away from this wonderful book.

1 – Du’a and Do

The premise in taking action in this book is based around a six-part framework called DESIRES, and I love that the very first thing in this framework is ‘Du’a and Do’.

In the book, Barakah says, ‘Before you begin mapping out your goals, the very first thing you should do is make du’a.’

Now here’s the thing: How many of us consider making du’a lifting our desires to the Lord of the worlds — before we actually even start planning them out? Usually, it’s the other way around, isn’t it? We plan the goals out and then we say, “Oh Allah, help me make these goals a reality.”

What Barakah suggests is before we even map out what we want to do, we place it before the Best Disposer of Affairs, the One who can make anything possible.

When I read that, it gave me tingles and shivers because it put me in a place of understanding that the achievement of the goal is in my Lord’s hands, and to place the goal before Him, before I even plan out what I want to do, I turn to my Lord that’s so empowering. I know that for me, this is a game-changer.

You know I’m an istikhara junkie. I love istikhara and du’a, and this here for me has changed the order. So du’a first, then do, rather than do, then du’a.

Barakah also includes six names of Allah that you can use in your supplications in order to bolster your du’a, and I love that. I love that she’s given something practical that we can take away to use in our du’a when asking for what we want.

2 – Establish Your Why

Barakah plainly says, “In order for you to be successful at achieving your goals, you must know your why,” and I love that.

How many of us have thought, ‘I want to set up a business to make money’, and that’s it?

Why do you even want to make money?
What’s the purpose?
What’s your intention?

This is very much in line with how I personally teach goal-setting through NLP because knowing your purpose, your intention, and your mission is your fuel. It will be the fire in your belly. It will get you moving. Otherwise, it becomes just another thing to do, and maybe even a thing you feel you have to do, which isn’t the best way to motivate yourself.

3 – The Importance of Roadmaps

“Trying to achieve a goal without a roadmap is like trying to find your way out of a maze with the lights off.” That’s another quote from Barakah’s book.

When I was reading this book, I was like,
“I heard that, girl, I heard that!”

There were so many gems that she drops in the book that I found myself highlighting. LaYinka doesn’t highlight books. LaYinka finds it extremely difficult to highlight books, but my highlighter came out for this one.

I was highlighting and taking ownership with this particular book, and the great thing is there’s space to write, too. There are questions she asks which you can write the answers to in the book, and there’s a section at the back where you can actually map out your goal and use it like a journal as you start to achieve your goal, which I feel is quite useful.

You’re using the book in order to take action, and that, for me, is a very unique quality of the book. I mean, how many books have we read, thought they were a good idea, and put them back on the shelf and kinda forgot about them?

This book is available for you to purchase at www.barakahhassan.com/taking-action/, and it’s one of the E&E faves a feature of things we absolutely love, endorse, use, and are 100% behind.

We’re going to be sharing our faves with you periodically, simply because they align with us, and are what we believe can be useful to helping you become the woman you want to be, to make positive change in your life, and to take control of your life; and ‘Taking Action’, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is one of those things we can all use to have positive change in our lives.

Thank you so much for tuning into this week’s Friday Feeler. I encourage you to check out Barakah Hassan’s book, and I encourage you to buy yourself a copy, and to use it so that you, too, can take action.

Have a wonderful weekend, my lovely, and I look forward to seeing you next week, inshaAllah.

Much love,


Introducing Taking Action: the busy entrepreneur’s guide to mastering time management and setting smart goals, by Barakah K. Hassan.

The book to help you break down your big ideas & make progress with your goals.


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