I’ve always loved butterflies as a symbol of transformation, and maybe that’s why I use one as my logo. I love it because it shows you what’s possible.

If you look at a butterfly, it didn’t actually start out as a butterfly. It started out in a completely different form, as a caterpillar; then it goes through a process of a transformation; and then it becomes a butterfly.

Here’s one thing, though, about the life of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly: The process of transformation, for the caterpillar to become a butterfly, happens on the inside, and this is a pertinent lesson I want to share with you today.

Often, when we’re looking to transform, we look simply to change what we’re doing on the outside. We look to do things differently:

— do positive affirmations
— do some journaling
— go for long walks

All of this can change our state — yes. They can make us better — absolutely. Do they help us to transform into a better version of ourselves alone? Nuh-uh. The process of transformation starts on the inside.

As we’re inching towards the month of Ramadan, I want you to recognise this, too, as the lesson you can take from the life of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly:

Your transformation for Ramadan — before, during, and after, is based on the inside.

It’s all about changing how you are on the inside, changing who you are on the inside, because it’s when you go through that internal transformation that you, like a butterfly, can unfold your wings and fly, inshaAllah.

Many of us approach Ramadan like, “I’m going to get to Ramadan and fly”, however, in order for a butterfly to fly, she first has to go through a transformation internally in her chrysalis.

So at what point do you choose, my love, to transform in your internal chrysalis?

Will it be when Ramadan has started?

Is that not what you had thought you’d do and ended up feeling like Ramadan was a waste again because you spent it trying to transform?

I’m inviting you to start your process of transformation before the blessed month, because then, when Ramadan rolls in, you’ll be ready to fly, inshaAllah.

There are very, very few spaces, and very little time for you to able to transform your internal transformation with us at ‘Evolve during Ramadan’ this year. The doors close today, 1 March, and so there are a few hours left.

I invite you to join us if you want to start your internal transformation way before the blessed month rolls in so you can enter into Ramadan and truly soar, bi’idhnillah.

I look forward to seeing you in the inside of the course, inshaAllah.

Much love,


When it comes to preparing for Ramadan, most people start getting checklists ready, dusting off their Qur’an, and finding ways to do more during the blessed month.

There’s a less stressful way to maximise the benefits and blessings of Ramadan.


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