Recently, some goodness came into my little sister’s life. After falling into sujood and wiping the tears that was streaming down my face, I remember looking at her and I said, “Well, at least I can cross that off my list.”

She looked at me, bewildered and puzzled, like, “What in the world are you talking about, sis?”
and I said, “That very thing there has been on my du’a list since last year.”
She was like, “What? You write your du’a down?”
I was like, “Heck yeah, girl. I write my du’a down.”

I went on to explain to her why I actually do that; why I write down my requests to Allah — the things I desire, seek, and want from Him, and it’s basically because of amnesia.

We humans forget about the blessings Allah SWT has given us. We forget what we’ve asked for that He’s already granted. You know, sometimes, you’ll make almost a fleeting du’a; something will just pass your lips and you forget that you said that thing. It’s only years down the line that you look back and think, ‘My goodness, I asked Allah for that very thing and He actually gave it to me.’

The beauty of writing things down is that you don’t have to wait years later before you have that realisation; you can look in your du’a book — wherever you write your du’a — and be able to praise Allah frequently. You can look at your list of things you want from Him, things that He may be even giving you and you’re not recognising He’s giving you, and praise and thank Him. When you do that, show gratitude, what does Allah say in the Qur’an? He says, “If you are grateful, I will give you more,” right?

So, this way of writing your du’a down is a wonderful way of being able to show your gratitude and then, get more from Allah SWT. It’s also a way for me, personally, to be able to ensure that I’m asking for what’s meaningful to me and what I actually do want.

Sometimes, we ask for what we don’t want, “Allah, I don’t want to feel pain anymore.” What we’re doing in that space when we’re saying we don’t want this or don’t want that, we’re focusing on a negative. The sad thing about that is that we end up seeing that more in our lives.

So, instead of saying what we don’t want, by writing a du’a down, we can actually start to zero in and focus on what it is that we want Allah to bring in to our lives, give us, and shower us with.

Recently, I’ve actually started using a particular journal to be able to write my du’a down more frequently because my previous method was writing a mahoosive master du’a list — usually around the month or Ramadan, mind you — of all the things I want: for my health, my family, my career, wealth, relationships, the world.

I’d use that journal in the month of Ramadan, and then use it a little bit in frequently throughout the year.

The du’a journal from The Dua Journal has a way for you to journal frequently and also have a new du’a you’re adding into your arsenal of du’a on a frequent basis.

This struck me because I hadn’t thought of du’a journaling — journaling with du’a in mind. I’d never thought of doing that. For me, The Dua Journal is ingenious because it allows me, as a lover of journaling, to journal my heart out in a very specific way — and I’ll probably share that with you in another Friday Feeler insha Allah. It also allows me to update and refine my du’a as well as give myself the permission and opportunity to make more du’a.

There’s this thing that I realised about myself personally: When I had my master du’a list, I felt like there were so many things that I was already asking Allah for. ‘Could I add more to that?’ SubhanAllah. I don’t know if you, too, have this kind of apprehension to ask more from Allah, as though we’re unable to ask from the Lord of the worlds, the Owner of all things, the King of kings — Malikul Mulk — the Owner of the entire dominion.

It’s as though we’re saying that our asking will decrease Him in some way. Allah is Al-Kareem, the Most Generous; Al-Ghaniy, the One who owns and gives easily, right? For me, this way of du’a journaling and adding more to my du’a has been a way for me to stop that mess of, ‘Am I asking too much from Allah?’

No, I’m not asking too much from Allah.

I can ask, and ask, and keep asking because my asking doesn’t decrease Him. My asking is exactly what He wants; a demonstration of my need for Him.

That’s the beauty of The Dua Journal: It allows me to not just recognise my need for Allah, but also demonstrates my need for Him and allows me to demonstrate how much I’m worthy of all the goodness He’s able to give me.

I highly recommend that you check out The Dua Journal as a way for you to also recognise your need for Allah; to recognise you can keep asking Him and The Most Generous will keep giving it to you; and also use it as a means for you to truly embrace the fact that you are worthy of asking, because the Lord of the worlds can give.

Check The Dua Journal out and get yourself a copy. It’s one of the Evolve & Emerge favourites that we’re loving this year: 

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