Dear Allah, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for my distance, for my distraction,
For not talking to You as much as I could,
For not actively seeking the pleasure of Your Face.

I’m sorry for not showing up in the way I could,
For just about scraping through,
For not seeking you,
For not opening Your Book and drinking Your Words.

I’m sorry for my dry tongue and hard heart,
For not really doing my best,
For wasting the gift of time You give me every single day.

I’m sorry for not loving myself enough to take care of my body, my hair, and skin.
I’m sorry for feeling lost, and for putting myself last, even though I don’t have to.
I’m sorry for letting myself go, and for letting myself down.
I’m sorry for not doing better, despite knowing better.

Ya Allah, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for being such a mess.
Ya Allah, I need Your help to be better, so I can do better.

Last week, I told you I used The Du’a Journal to write and update my du’a to Allah SWT on a regular basis. I also shared with you that The Du’a Journal provides a very unique way to journal which is by writing letters to Allah.

Those words you just heard me read was a letter I wrote in my du’a journal a few weeks ago, and to me, this is so powerful — to be able to pen my heart on a page in a letter to my Lord.

Sometimes, my letters are hopeful.
Sometimes, they’re filled with gratitude and joy.
Sometimes, they’re literally like a dear diary to Allah.
And sometimes, like in this case, they’re confessions.

It’s one thing to write your du’a down and to ask of Allah, but I find The Du’a Journal gives you the space to actually create a conversation and establish a connection with Allah in a deeply meaningful way.

So, you’ve got the aspect of writing your du’a down, and on the ‘Dear Allah’ pages, literally pour yourself onto a page in a letter to Allah – your Creator, the One who loves you beyond any imagination, the One who decides that you are worth being here, worth being alive, worth taking up space in this world.

I have found writing a letter to Him to be profoundly powerful in a way that no other journaling I have ever engaged in is; and you know that I’m a lover of journaling, right?

This is next level stuff, for reals. To talk to Allah honestly – not even necessarily making a request, but just being real, honest, raw, and open with the King of kings, knowing that you have a direct line – with no barrier – with the Lord of the Worlds.

You just pick up the line and you’re there with Him.

This aspect of The Du’a Journal is one that I have fallen deeply in love with. For this reason, I highly recommend to grab yourself a copy of The Du’a Journal because, yes, it helps you craft regular du’a and update your requests to Allah, but it also helps you establish a beautiful line of connection with Allah in a way that goes deep and beyond just asking The Most Generous and The Most High.

Do check out The Du’a Journal at, and let me know how you get on with it when you do, inshaAllah.

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Have a beautiful weekend, and week ahead, my lovely. I look forward to being in your inbox again next week, inshaAllah.

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