In the last two weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about du’a and conversing with Allah. A question that I keep getting, that I absolutely love, is: Why do I make a distinction between the two things? Are they not one and the same?

For me, personally, du’a is a supplication. It is to ask, to seek; where I raise my hands empty to the Lord of the worlds, seeking His bounty, forgiveness, love, mercy and all the gifts He has to offer. For me, that’s du’a. I’m asking, seeking, and wanting.

Conversing with Allah and talking to Allah, for me, is simply coming to Him as I am. Maybe that’s broken, ashamed, joyful, elated — whatever state I’m in — coming to Allah and talking to Him. Sharing with Him. Conversing with Him. Not because He doesn’t know what’s going on right now. Not because He doesn’t know that, ‘LaYinka right there, I know she’s messed up. She’s got some serious issues.’

It’s not that He doesn’t know. He does know, because Huwal ‘Alimul ghaybi wash-shahadah — He’s the One Who knows the seen and unseen; knowledge of all that exists, all that’s taken place and will take place lies with Him, right? So, He knows.

Talking to Allah is a way for me to open up and just come as I am.

I find it interesting that some people struggle with talking to Allah and asking of Allah because of shame. They feel like they’re too dirty, too sinful, too bad, too lowly to talk to the King of kings, the Most High, the One above all His Creation. I know when you’re looking at Allah like that, He is the One above His Creation, the King of kings, the One upon His Throne. Having said that, He’s also the One who has knowledge of us more than we know of ourselves. He’s the One who is closer to us than our jugular veins, right?

So, I like to make a distinction between du’a and conversation, so that I can ensure that I’m doing both, because some people just make du’a, but they feel like they can’t share with Allah what they’re going through. Some people can share what they’re going through to Allah, but they struggle to do the other thing which is to ask Him to make better what’s not so good, or to ask Him to give them more if it’s great.

Suppose we allowed ourselves to do the two: to seek and share, to share and seek — knowing that our Creator welcomes us as we are; full well-knowing that human beings have got issues. They’re gonna sin, they’re gonna make mistakes, but His mercy supersedes His anger. His mercy is greater than His wrath.

This a source of hope, a real balm to my heart and something that is a constant ray of sunlight I can look towards. I can ask Him, talk to Him, share with Him, and seek with Him. That’s so beautiful, I’m sure you’ll agree. That’s a beautiful relationship we can have with Him, and one that absolutely no one can take away and no one can give. It’s only something that we can establish for ourselves.

That’s really what I wanted to share in today’s episode, because I keep getting the question, ‘Why do you say conversation with Allah and why do you say du’a? It’s because I like to do both, distinguish between both, knowing that Allah has given and gifted me with the ability of both.

Have a wonderful, beautiful weekend, my love, and if you feel the need to get in touch with me, please do. I love hearing from you.

I look forward to sharing another episode with you next week, inshaAllah.

Much love,



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