We have made it to the middle of Ramadan. Now, the middle of Ramadan, for me, is where I hear, know, have experienced, felt, and seen the infamous Ramadan slump and burnout.

You know that place that you find yourself, right? The first 10 days, you’ve been going hard. You’re like, “Ramadan’s in, life’s gonna change, I’m gonna turn myself around.” You’re in super adrenaline mode. And then, what happens when you kind of stop running out of fuel? You slump down — and this is the famous time when the Ramadan slump occurs.

Maybe, as you’re reading this, your Ramadan goals aren’t manifesting as you’d expected them to. You decided that they’d look a certain way, feel a certain way; you wanted to get certain things done; have certain things happen in your life, and they just have not manifested as you’d expected.

Or maybe, a test has been sent specifically for you; specifically your way; specifically at this time and you feel like you’ve fallen off that track, you know? You were kind of going gung-ho, and then BAM! A test comes your way and then you fall off.

Maybe — you know this one, girls — your menses came. And it just ka-powed you off your high. You were on it, you were there, you were showing up, and then the Red Ladies moved in and it feels like Ramadan came to a complete halt.

Or maybe — and this is a reality for some, a truth, so let’s be real and honest — you didn’t even go into Ramadan with a high. And right now, you’re just stewing in guilt and shame because you can see what other people are doing and you’re just not there.

Whatever your current reality is, as you’re reading this, right now, in the middle of Ramadan, I want to send this message directly to you, sis:

I see you, I feel you and I get where you might be at.

As a fellow sister in humanity, as a fellow human being, and a fellow sister in faith, I really hope that my words today will reach you, and you know that tomorrow can be different for you.

Tomorrow can be better, connected, brighter, lighter and more peaceful.

Wherever you find yourself right now, in this time, as you’re reading this, sis, know, feel, believe, and hear me when I say that it’s possible for you to rise from the darkness.

My lovely, you’re fully, fully, fully capable of getting what you need and want from the blessed month. You are. I believe that Allah has gifted you with the capability to get what you need and what you want from the blessed month of Ramadan.

And it’s really important that wherever you find yourself, whatever state you find yourself in, my lovely, it’s important for you to be merciful to yourself.

The Lord of mercy and grace has granted you with the gift of this year’s Ramadan. There are many sisters and brothers who’d declared from last Ramadan that they’d be seeing this Ramadan and they didn’t make it, for whatever reason. They didn’t make it. And yet, Allah deemed you worthy of the gift of this Ramadan.

So, why not then, embrace it? And embrace it by being merciful to yourself.

Beating yourself up to a pulp, condemning yourself to failure, cutting yourself up… maybe you think that’ll get you moving, get your behind into gear, get you doing what you need to do. And maybe it’ll give you a little bit of kick for a little while. Sis, that way of operating is not sustainable. It might work for a little bit, but then you end up back at square one.

I love a hadith, a saying of the Prophet (pbuh) when he said, “Verily kindness is not in anything but that it beautifies it. And it is not removed from something except that it disgraces it.”

So, wherever you are in your life circumstances, now, in the middle of Ramadan, adding mercy and kindness to yourself rather than adding salt to your wounds would probably do you so much better. Yes, things might not be great. You might not be where you want to be. Okay, acknowledge it. Acknowledge where you might be falling short. Be real with yourself.

Don’t get it twisted that I’m saying to just pretend like things are okay when they’re not okay. No. Be real. Be honest. Acknowledge it. I want you to pay attention to how you’re doing that. How are you being honest with yourself? How are you going about acknowledging that you’re falling short?

It’s the how that matters, not necessarily the what.

You know this. You know it’s how you say something that changes how it means, how it’s perceived, and how it’s received. You know that the way you say something can change the way you feel about that thing.

So, here, as you might not be in the best space right now in the middle of the blessed month of Ramadan, pay attention to how you’re doing it. And then, from a place of mercy, kindness, and compassion, decide on a specific course of action in order for you to rise from the darkness and rise from your slump.

I’ve put together a special freebie to help you get out of your Ramadan slump with mercy, kindness, and compassion. I’ve put this especially for you because I know what it’s like to be in that space, to feel like Ramadan is over, like you’re wasting your time, and just stewing in guilt and shame. No more, sis. No more.

Simply go to layinkasanni.com/freebie96 and get your download today to help you get out of your Ramadan slump.

Rise from the darkness and do it with compassion, mercy, and kindness, so that you can continue to benefit from the blessed month.

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