We’re in the final stretch of this year’s Ramadan.

I don’t know about you but it feels like it has whizzed past and I kind of get this feeling every year. Ramadan comes and it’s always like a literal click it’s ending and we’re on Eid, eating during the daylight, and feeling weird about it.

You might’ve had a great Ramadan up until this point. You may have been on point, focused, getting your goals down, and really going for it. And if you have been, Allahumma baarik, I pray that the next final stretch that we have is impeccably beautiful for you, ameen.

Now, if you’re in the camp where you started off strong, you were in it, on it, on fire, focused, really making the most out of the blessed month, and then you experience the lull, and you kinda dropped off, and basically, life kinda got in the way. If you’re in that space right now where you’re feeling, ‘My Ramadan’s over, there’s no point. It’s finished. I’m just a failure,’ and all of that negative self-talk and I know about that negative self-talk, girl, I’m an expert in it — this message is really for you.

Your Ramadan isn’t just based on how you start it but how you choose to end it.

What’s occured in the last three weeks, the highs and the lows, do not determine what your Ramadan ending’s going to be like. Regardless of what you’ve experienced in the last three weeks, my lovely, listen: Right now, as you’re reading this, I want you to make a decision that your ending’s gonna be as strong, or stronger, than how you entered into Ramadan. I want you to really feel it.

Say it out loud, “My ending can be different from the beginning.”

Because really, it’s not about how you start it out. It’s how you choose to go out, and Allah has given you the ability to choose how you go out of this Ramadan. So, right now, at this moment, decide in your heart, head, on your tongue, “My ending of this Ramadan’s going to be strong, focused, filled by desire to please Allah. It’ll be connected, joyful, and the best that I can put in right now, in my current circumstances.”

Right now’s your opportunity to go full-throttle. You may have gone full-throttle at the beginning and experienced burnout — I get it. Now, my love, pick up your socks, pick yourself up, and put your sight on that finish line, and decide that you’re going to finish strong.

You know when athletes are racing, they can see the finish line and they’re like, ‘Yes! Okay, I got this.’ Look. This is the finish line, and I strongly invite and encourage you to allow yourself to see it with determination rather than with dread.

Here’s the thing, what ends up happening if you’ve had a little bit of lull, trip, fall, whatever it may be with your Ramadan, you kind of start seeing the finish line and you’re like, ‘There are only five days left. I’ve made a mess of so many days in this blessed month and there are only five days left. What’s the point?’

Nuh-uh. Let’s switch that around. There’s a massive point. Your ending matters more than your beginning. So you’re here, you haven’t had the greatest Ramadan so far. Okay.

Your ending can be beautiful. You choose that.
Your ending can be strong. You choose that.
Your ending can be connected. You choose that.
Your ending can be what you decide to do because your past doesn’t determine your future.

Let me tell you that again.

Your past doesn’t determine your future. You choose what your future will be like, bi’idhnillahi ta’ala.

Okay? So, are you ready to smash the next week of Ramadan, get the most out of it, and truly show up regardless of what’s happened in the last few weeks?

As you’re reading this, I want you to say, “Yes! HEARD, and I’m going!”

Okay, beautiful!



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