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Our Mission

At Team Evolve & Emerge our mission is simple:

facilitate growth + inspire intentional purpose

Our Values

We have 7 core values imbibed within us and infused in everything we put out into the world:

  1. Openness — to growth, feedback, change, and learning
  2. Integrity — we’re all about alignment and aligning
  3. Trust — in what we do, of one another, and in Allah, The Most High
  4. Authenticity — being real. Like, ugly cry real
  5. Impact — think slow sizzles and ka-pow fireworks
  6. Growth — we’re committed to forward movement, blooming, and thriving
  7. Connection — joining dots, hearts, and minds — beautifully
Values at Team Evolve & Emerge
Join Team Evolve & Emerge

Why Join Team E+E?

Evolve & Emerge is built upon the following foundation, which directs everything we do:

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”
— Surah ar-Ra’d (13:11)

We’re dedicated to our mission to establish a global movement of authentic intentional living to create a ripple of positive change passed on from generation to generation — akhira investment #goals.

As a member of the team, you’ll have access to everything Evolve & Emerge offers (remember, integrity?), and be in a virtual environment where you can expand, improve, and discover (there’s the growth).

We’re keen on innovators and those comfortable to get their hands (and feet!) in to shape Evolve & Emerge into something spectacular. So, if you’re a go-getter who’s open to making mahoosive waves, join us.

Current Openings

Marketing Assistant

You’ll be a cornerstone of our vision to create global impactful change by developing and executing campaigns that connect, engage, and inspire.

We’re looking for you if:

  • You’re confident in what you can bring to Team E+E and know how you fit into the brand, mission, and vision.


  • You’re resourceful and can proactively and comfortably develop and suggest solutions and innovative ideas to improve current systems, and put our offerings out there in efficient ways that embody our ethos and values (basically, no shady business because we’re not about that. At all).
  • You have a solid foundation in digital marketing and media is a priority (i.e. email marketing, social media, online advertising, SEO, etc.).

  • You’re comfortable in recommending changes to existing marketing campaigns and new innovative ideas to enhance sales and marketing results.


  • You can craft campaign outcomes and marketing goals; and develop creative briefs identifying target audience, key messaging, and creative strategy using an efficient mix of marketing and media.
  • You can take the role by the horns and be proactive in using data to shape marketing direction and decisions.

  • You’re an open, driven, and organised woman who’s passionate about personal change and development in the world and in yourself, too. You love to see people grow and expand their wings, and you’re ready for that for yourself, too.


  • You understand and live by the ethos of showing up with your best and doing things with Allah at the forefront of your mind. You thrive on growth, you’re grounded by integrity, and you hold trust as dear as air. 

Here’s what we know of you:

  • You have marketing experience across multiple platforms, and you can back that experience with specific results
  • You’re an awesome and clear communicator
  • You’re always on time (or early) and strive to deliver ahead of deadlines
  • You’ve got sharp eyes for details
  • Shady marketing makes you gag
  • You’re able to manage multiple tasks and communicate about your timelines and challenges
  • You’re comfortable asking questions
  • You’re totally against sloppy work
  • You’re in the business of growth
  • Your heart is part of your work
  • You’re happy to receive feedback and use it as lessons to move forward
  • You’re 100% comfortable working in a virtual environment (and have ideally worked remotely in the past)
  • You’re a go-getter

This position is NOT for you if:

  • You’re out to market ‘by the books’
  • You’re solely looking to enter into the position for your own growth or gain
  • You don’t really commit wholeheartedly to anything
  • You believe personal development is a waste of time
  • You don’t allow yourself to relax and rest

The details

  • This is a virtual position consisting of 4 hours a week, for an initial period of 3 months
  • 3-months’ remuneration is equivalent to £8.50 per hour (paid in the form of a 3-month Evolve & Evolve 1:1 package)
  • Your location isn’t as important as your experience, attitude, values, and drive


Applications are now closed.

How to Apply

Tip: Simply be yourself rather than crafting an application you think and hope we’ll like. Remember: authenticity.

» Click here to complete the Marketing Assistant Application Form

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