I know what it’s like to scroll through website after website looking for pearls of wisdom to boost your writing habit in the quest of actually creating one. ‘How often should I write?’,  you ask and the common answer you come across makes your heart feel heavy.

‘Real writers write every day’, they say, and you begin to doubt yourself because you don’t manage to sit at your computer every day to work on your craft. Some days you don’t feel like it; other days life slips between your fingers and you feel too brain-tired to pen coherent words. You want to write your book and leave a literary mark somewhere in the world, but you struggle to show up every single God-given day.

So you start showing up less. Or you give up completely. ‘What’s the point? I’m not a real writer because I don’t write daily.’

Oh, my dear. Who says there’s a single way to show up as a real writer? Who says that has to be YOUR way of showing up?

If writing every two days or just twice a week is what’s within your remit now, who’s to say that you’re less real and your writing is less relevant or worthy than Ms So-and-So who cranks out words daily?

I’ve never been a subscriber to the ‘write every day’ mantra, but I DO subscribe to the belief that you have the choice to decide how you can and want to show up for your writing craft and work with that.

If you find you’re struggling to write daily, create a new and more empowering truth for yourself and live by that. Because that’s what’s going to get you to the finish line for your book, not Ms So-and-So’s truth.

Happy writing!

– LaYinka


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