Have you ever had days where you just don’t feel like picking up your pen? Maybe you tell yourself you’re feeling exhausted; maybe you believe you’re all out of inspiration. Whatever the reasons are, there are some times when you want a writing break.

That’s okay.

I’m reassuring you it’s okay because we’re really good at telling ourselves that we’re not ‘good writers’ when we want to step away from a writing project; we do a fantastic job of putting ourselves and our craft down when we feel all ‘written out’; and we’re awesome at sabotaging our progress by believing stopping is a sign of failure. That’s just not true.

Taking a break is a great way to fill your writing cup; to take a pause so that your writing can feel and read fresher because your mind and soul have been refreshed. Can you imagine swimming non-stop? You’d get muscle fatigue and just wouldn’t be able to go any further. The same goes for writing.

Give yourself permission to take a breather, and watch what happens when you turn to your pen again.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to take a writing break, and what was the result when you got writing again?

Share your thoughts in the comment below.

Much love,



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