Evolve During Ramadan

— an online course with LaYinka Sanni

Do you usually fall short of your Ramadan goals?

Make this Ramadan different.

As the blessed month approaches, most people focus on acts of worship they feel they have to do because that’s what is expected, right? But with checklists as long as your arm, burnout and falling short is almost always guaranteed.

It can be better.

Instead of treating Ramadan like a boot camp to get closer to Allah, approach this Ramadan from the inside out, so you can be a woman who is truly present with herself and her Lord before, during, and long after the blessed month has left.

Prime your heart and mind for an incredible journey of growth, connection, and reflection during the best month of the year.

Rekindle your connection with Allah without
a to-do list.

If you’re a woman who…

… wants more for yourself this Ramadan?

… often feels dread, anxiety, or guilt as Ramadan approaches?

… always falls short of goals you set + feels bad about it?

… has a lot on your plate and wonder how it’s possible to get the best out of the blessed month?

… is ready to stop giving excuses about why your Ramadan experience isn’t that great?

… is ready to welcome + embrace long-lasting connection and growth during and after Ramadan?


This course is for you.

Imagine a Ramadan…

… that’s more than simply doing more acts of worship

… where you put who you are + what you want at the centre of it

… you know exactly where you’re starting from + the journey of growth

… you start off on the strongest + firmest footing you’ve ever had

You can have that.

That’s why I created this course.

Go from…

… thinking of ways to ‘survive’ Ramadan
… creating long checklists of things to cram into your day
… feeling there are only set ways to connect with Allah


… knowing how your heart + soul will thrive during Ramadan
… appreciating the beauty of even the littlest things you do
… embracing the multitude of ways you choose to get closer to Allah

The course includes:

Live Weekly Class

A 1-hour live class recorded for you to re-watch at your convenience.

Discussion Platform

A space to discuss your learning away from the distraction of Facebook.

Empowering Exercises

Weekly exercises that move you in the direction of growth and positive change.

Workbook + Journal

A 54-page workbook + journal for you to take notes and reflect. 

Course Information




16 April – 13 May 2018

Class Day + Time:

Tuesdays, 9-10pm BST
(all live classes are recorded)

What You’ll Learn


The importance of defining your Ramadan journey


The benefit of Ramadan as a month of growth


The different levels of change


The greatest obstacle in the way of your Ramadan journey

A common mistake when preparing for Ramadan

The importance of knowing what you really want from the blessed month, and how to get it


How to use create a new experience with your strengths

How to use past Ramadans as a springboard for this Ramadan

The ways you can use Allah’s abundance to have a Ramadan that works for you


Types of diversions you might face + how to reroute them


How to make your connection + growth go beyond the blessed month

Feedback from Previous Attendees

Before the course, I didn’t feel at all prepared for Ramadhan. The course re-instilled hope, focus, priorities, and goals. I feel better prepared and the importance of Ramadhan and all it encompasses was re-instilled in me.

— Soraya, May 2017 Attendee

Before the course, I felt frustrated with myself that another Ramadhan is just days away and I didn’t feel excited or prepared. The course made me realise I don’t need to be so harsh on myself or set my Ramadhan goals based on what I feel I ‘should’ be doing. I can focus on what I ‘could’ be doing. One of the greatest insights I got is that it’s okay to be where I am right now, and simply strive from this point.

— Aamilah, May 2017 Attendee

Prior to the course, I felt stagnant and unprepared, and stuck in what I always do. The course helped me focus. Usually, I have some specific goals I meet, but I don’t think meeting them helped me evolve as a person. I learned not to shy away from making specific dua or feeling undeserving.

— D.C, May 2017 Attendee

During the course, I visualised, heard, and felt myself achieving, doing, and being a Qur’an sister and even remembered how big my goal was a long time ago before I beat it down. I changed from struggling to fit myself into some kind of plan that felt like a trap, to discovering a plan I am excited about, so much that I planned little tasks to get started, insha’Allah. 

— Elizabeth, May 2017 Attendee

About LaYinka Sanni

I’m a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner who walks the talk of what I teach; and last year, I had the most connected Ramadan in my 14+ years of practising Islam as a result — alhamdulillah.

With years of experience helping Muslim women make positive shifts to their thoughts and behaviour, I bring you this unique pre-Ramadan course so you’ll be ready for a Ramadan experience that’s as unique as you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't pay the fee all at once. Do you accept payment in instalments?

I’m SO glad you asked! Yes, I accept instalments in order to make payments easier for you if paying upfront is a challenge. Simply get in touch with me and we can work out a plan that works for you.

Can I buy the journal separately?

The journal has been created as part of the course workbook rather than as a standalone product, thus you can’t find it on sale on its own.

I want to join the course, but I won't be able to join the live classes. What do I do?

All the live classes are recorded, so you can watch (and rewatch) them at your convenience. This means you’re free from being tied to live classes if they are at a time you’re unable to attend, and you can still benefit from the classes. 

I don't do online courses. Isn't there an in-person version this year?

I delivered an in-person version of the course last year, and it took a mahoosive toll on my physical health, so I’m opting for some self-compassion this time around.

Now, when you say you ‘don’t do online courses’, when did you decide that? 🙂

I’m sorry, my lovely, registration is now closed.

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