Today’s reflection comes from reading a post in a business group I belong to; it’s a post that spoke to a frustration I have with people, and Muslims specifically. The post from Br. Moe Nawaz reads:

“People go around with a mindset that they can’t afford things because somewhere in their life someone or a number of people told them, ‘You can’t afford that’ and ever since they have been programmed with the negative mindset that they can’t afford most things in life.”

Why the post spoke to me is because we refuse to embrace the sheer power of the minds Allah has given us. If you were to tell someone who isn’t a Muslim that you’re abstaining from both food AND drink for 18 hours a day, their response would be one of incredulousness.

‘Not even water!’ they’d exclaim.

And you’d smile inwardly and affirm that you haven’t bashed your head on concrete and lost a few screws. It’s straightforward and almost normal to you, right? You don’t bat an eyelid; you just roll with it.

That inward smile comes from the fact that you KNOW you’re slightly awesome because you can put aside a base desire for food and drink because it means a heck of a lot to you to seek Allah’s pleasure. What boggles my mind is that, despite us being able to use the power of our minds to voluntarily forego eating and drinking during daylight hours, we struggle to employ that mind power in other areas of our lives.

Through fasting 18+ hours a day, we’ve proven that we HAVE got what it takes to succeed at something if we put our mind to it. We CAN do what we set our heart on if we align it with a strong purpose. We CAN afford that course/ programme if we truly want to – yes, maybe not immediately, but we’re more than able to make it a reality if we believe we can.

A defeatist mindset isn’t one we should have, yet it’s one we succumb to readily. We’re encouraged to dream big, go for the best, and aim for lofty aspirations; and while we claim to, I wonder if we REALLY do. Like, really, really do.

When you read that the Prophet (saw) told us to ask for al-Firdaws, what’s your initial thought? If you’re a natural defeatist who often says you can’t do such and such, my question to you is: What if you could?


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