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Safe Space Sessions were borne out of the desire to provide a space for Muslim women to comfortably and freely discuss topics that are close to the heart and often difficult to talk about, free of judgement. With the aim to share + connect, Safe Space Sessions are where real conversations can be had, tears can be openly shed, and women can be completely heard without being shut down.


Safe Space Sessions are entirely free of charge*
and open to Muslim women of any religiosity level.

*a £5 desposit is required to confirm your place, and is fully refunded when you attend.

The Hosts

Safe Space Sessions are a collaboration between LaYinka Sanni + Qudsiyah Remtulla of The Visual Age — two heart-centered women who thrive on connection through meaningful conversation.
LaYinka Sanni

LaYinka Sanni

Founder of Evolve & Emerge

As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, LaYinka assists heart-centered Muslim women to live with intentional purpose as their authentic self.

Qudsiyah Remtulla

Qudsiyah Remtulla

Founder of The Visual Age

As the brainchild behind The Visual Age, Qudsiyah brings self-development and creativity together to produce handcrafted gift items and infographics inspired by faith, positivity + prayer.

What to Expect

Safe Space Sessions are engaging and intimate,
and are your avenue to share comfortably and freely, and be fully heard.

We open up sessions with a mindfulness exercise, then LaYinka shares a story with the group, which warms us up into a light discussion. We use randomly selected prompt questions to engage our heart + mind and provide a comfortable space to share. 


Each attendee is encouraged to bring a specific issue you’d like to get off your chest during the session, in relation to the theme, so you can leave the session feeling lighter than when you arrived.

When + Where

We plan to hold safe Space Sessions several times a year, inshaAllah, and each session has a set theme attendees explore through conversations, open questions, and reflections.

Forthcoming Session

 Sunday 19 August 2018
Time: 11:00am – 12:45pm
Location: Barbican Centre, Silk St, London, EC2Y 8DS
Theme: Rising after a Fall

Previous Sessions

Session #1
: Bloom Where You Are Planted (24 March 2018) 
Session #2Holding onto Hot Coals (8 July 2018)


We plan to hold safe Space Sessions several times a year, inshaAllah, and each session has a set theme attendees explore through conversations, open questions, and reflections.

Are Safe Space Sessions a form of group therapy?
The short answer: No, they’re not.

Safe Space Sessions aren’t therapy sessions, they are a space for Muslim women to talk openly about their experiences relating to each session’s theme. The sessions aren’t a place where solutions are given, but are a place where you can be heard and given support by other women who understand how you’re feeling.

Can I just turn up to sessions?

We ask that interested attendees book a space by making a deposit of £5 so that we have a definitive number, which we can better manage. Deposits are refunded to those who attend.

Are sessions only for people with mental health issues?
Not at all. Sessions are great for anyone who feels they need to ‘offload’ mentally and emotionally, and in order to keep sessions focused on different types of challenges, each session has a set theme. This allows us to cater to wider groups of women in the Muslim community.
What topics do you cover during sessions?
All sessions are themed, so be sure to check the theme for a session you’re interested in, as well as those we’ve covered in the past.
Are there any guidelines I need to follow if I attend?

We’re so glad you asked!

Here are a few short guidelines that help make session beneficial for everyone:

  • Respect what other people share and their confidentiality by keeping everything discussed in sessions within the sessions. 
  • Be kind to other people, especially where you might disagree with what they’re saying, and most certainly be kind to yourself.
  • Listen with the intention to give others the room to be heard, rather than listen to provide a solution. Please refrain from interrupting someone when they’re speaking.
  • Be free to share as much as you’re comfortable with. We’re here to listen.

Join Us

Safe Space Sessions are free.

There are maximum of only 15 spaces available, so we can maintain an intimate and cosy environment. To secure your place, please follow BOTH steps below.

Step 1 — RSVP

*i.e. LaYinka S

*We ask for your mobile number so we can SMS you location details 24 hours before the event.

All data submitted on this form will be used by LaYinka Sanni + Qudsiyah soley for the purpose of facilitating your attendance to the stated Safe Space Session, and will not be passed nor sold on to 3rd parties.

I accept the site Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and for my data to be used to facilitate the Safe Space Session.

Step 1 — RSVP

Step 2 — Pay Your Deposit

Click the button below to pay your £5 deposit which is fully refunded when you attend the session booked. (This helps us know how many people seriously plan to attend, and to prepare accordingly.)

Dedicated to helping Muslim women feel, think, and behave differently, so they can emerge as exceptional versions of themselves.

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