After a summer off from writing, she decided to pick up her pen again. It had felt like ages since she last sat with her main character — a girl of strength and resilience — and she wanted to apologise for leaving her for so long.

So during our coaching call I asked her, “When’s the deadline for your book?”

If you’ve download my audio training, you know that’s a huge thing I advocate for all writers working on a book project. It was something she said as she gave me her answer that made me mentally make a pit stop. And it’s that statement that took precedence over the deadline. Want to know what it was?

“… I’m a procrastinator…”

From that line alone, a deadline no longer mattered because her language highlighted where she was mentally and that needed taking care of.

“… I’m a procrastinator…”

That led me to ask, “How likely is it that a procrastinator will get to the finish line of writing her book?

“Not very,” she replied.

“So what sort of woman do you need to become to get the outcome you want?”

And that’s where she paused and gave me a powerful answer.

You see, if you tell yourself you’re a procrastinator, your wonderfully resourceful unconscious mind will help you live that as your reality. Your book will gather dust and you won’t ever finish writing it. So I ask, if being a procrastinator isn’t working out for you, what will?

What do you want to embody and what do you need to tell yourself? Tell me in the comments.

Much love,



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