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There’s a reason why you’re here.


You’re a Muslim woman who wants to do things from the heart, with your Lord in mind
― love wholeheartedly, give freely, and be an exceptional woman.
And while externally, it may seem like you’ve got it together,
you have an internal stirring telling you something’s not quite right.


You give and have given so much of your time and energy to others.
Life, responsibilities, pain, and losses have led you to become so focused on what you are for others.

Enough hiding. It’s time to embrace evolution.

I work with Muslim women like you to go on an epic journey from stagnation and overwhelm
to living with intentional purpose and direction as your truest self, in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure.

Embrace Evolution

1:1 Packages

 Consistent support to become
the woman you want to be.



Courses that create a ripple
of internal + external shifts.



Bringing a special sort of energy to women + girls who want change in their life.


Want clarity on what could be best for you?

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