Hey, Lady! Positive Change Awaits You.

You’re a woman who’s feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and secretly resentful. On the outside, you might be seem okay or ‘not that bad’, but on the inside it’s a different story.
You know things aren’t the way you want them to be.
You know something needs to change.
You know you want better.

And you ask yourself, ‘But how do I do it?’ 

Working with me empowers you to unearth what’s really going on for you, so you can finally get in the driving seat of your life and be the woman you and your loved ones deserve.


If you…


    feel lost and like you want to run away from your life


    see yourself being there for others without truly being there for yourself


    feel frustrated, exhausted, and stuck


    hear negative thought patterns about yourself, other people, and your life

    …take a deep breath.

    increased confidence from standing tall in your truth.

    feeling lighter because you’re finally taking care of your well-being.

    being a woman who lives without
    guilt and self-doubt.  

    Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?

    That’s why I support you

    so you go…





    When we work together, you have a Self-Transformation Expert certified in NLP with several years’ experience inspiring women to use the power of their minds to positively change your life.

    I see, hear, and feel you because I once was you. I’ve struggled. I’ve hit rock bottom. I’ve greatly disliked myself and everything about me. I’m passionate about this work because I’ve evolved and emerged, too (and I’m still doing the work).

    With me and my team, you get:

    » a judgement-free safe space — this is mahoosively important to us, and we’re sure it is to you, too.

    » support and powerful insight into what’s beneath your behaviour, so you’re empowered to make the changes you want to see and feel in your life.

    Some areas I’ve helped clients with:

    lack of self-worth 

    breaking habits

    anxiety & depression

    self-esteem & confidence

    emotional well-being 

    relationships + friendships

    childhood conditioning

    overcoming limiting beliefs


    Important Note

    We have 3 conditions when it comes to working with someone:

    #1. You’re done with excuses and are 100% ready to commit to the change you want in your life.

    #2. Having change in your life is a must for you, not just a nice thing one day.

    #3. You’re resourceful to do what’s necessary to transform into the woman you want to be.

    TrustScore 4.4 out of 5

    Pure golden lifeskills

    This Woman and her programs are gold. I say she teaches you how to be a human being. When I started I was shoving problems under the carpet. Had lost confidence in my socialskills and was procrastinating to the extent that it meant I traveled across the globe and had booked my hotel the wrong date. I believe every woman would benefit and their children and the next generations after that. The programs are professionally put together and your questions will never be left unanswered. I am now a woman at peace and that can find her peace by her own all the time. I am living life and not shying away now from my potential.

    Dhurata Haxhiislami

    I decided to reach out to LaYinka when…

    I decided to reach out to LaYinka when I knew something was terribly wrong with me but unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify it. When i first spoke to her I knew my decision was right cause she listened! without judgements, without interrupting me. She listened and she made me question myself. For me I personally like the way she brings answers from the clients! its like soul searching and all the answers lie with in us! My vocabulary is not that great, or else I would have used all the possible synonyms of “awesome” in this review! Anybody out there, if you are trying to reach her, then consider this as one of the best decisions u will make to evolve in your life!! I would recommend her anytime! LaYinka – stay blessed!


    reclaim and rise

    LaYinka made what seemed impossible POSSIBLE! Before reclaim & rise I would find myself frustrated and overwhelmed unable to channel those feelings and would end up falling and staying down! I allowed negativity to consume me and it impacted myself and those closest to me. The course enabled me to recognise those feelings to dissect and understand them. It helped me discover my worth and appreciate life itself! Most of all it unlocked what I had within, it brought me to be present and conscious of myself and that it’s ok not to be ok ! The course has given me practical skills I can continue to work with to carry on being the best version of me!


    Before i started my sessions with… Layinka

    Before i started my sessions with Layinka i was in a not so good place. With low self confidence, low moods and also battling issues with my weight and health. Layinka helped me to change my thought process and that anything is achievable, we just need to believe in ourselves. I can now say i am a transformed person! I feel alot happier, healthier and full of energy now! Thank you Layinka for helping me release my inner powers. You were truely the gift from God! Alhamdhulillah.


    After my journey with Layinka,I have…

    After my journey with Layinka,I have become aware of my thoughts and my feelings,I have also been able to shift my focus on things that are not helpful.I have also been able to conquer alot of my fears.I had vowed never to drive a car but now I actually love driving .I have become a new person who is growing and evolving everyday.Am grateful for what she has taught me.

    Anisa Mohamed

    My experience with LaYinka

    My experience with LaYinka has been truly phenomenal, I have grown so much emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Working with this lovely specimen has widened my lens immensely of how I see the world, my thoughts sharpened, my ideas expanded, she was and still is a gift from Allaah. Her wisdom and quotes are now etched in my mind and soul as LaYinka Lines…!!

    Iffat Anwar

    Hear from Clients

    Ready for change?

    Let’s have a chat to determine if we can help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to work with you?

    We prefer the word ‘investment’ rather than ‘cost’ because an investment is something that gives back beyond what you’ve put in.

    Discussion about the investment in transformational work only occurs once we’ve determined we’re a good fit, because it’s only then that it becomes relevant. If you’re interested in us working together, let’s first see if that’s possible by booking a breakthrough call. If we are a good fit, then we can discuss the investment in your transformational journey.

    I'm not a Muslim, would you work with me?

    Beautiful question!

    Imagine someone in pain goes to see a Muslim doctor, but they didn’t share her faith. It would be ludicrous for the doctor to say, “Sorry, ma’am, I can’t help you because you’re not a Muslim,” right? That’s the same case here. Team LaYinka Sanni believes every woman has a right to heal and transform into the woman God created her to be, and we’re open to supporting and empowering you, even if you don’t share the beliefs of our faith.

    It’s always vital to ensure that we’re a good fit and that I’m the best person to support you, and that’s why we always have an initial breakthrough call with every woman interested in working with me.

    Do you work with children?

    At this time, we don’t work with children. We’ve decided to focus on adults as they play a mahoosive role in children’s lives, and while we’ve worked with teens in the past, we’ve found that the parents/carers had SO much they needed to work on within themselves that was impacting the children in their lives.

    Is working with you right for me?

    If you feel stuck and stagnant, and you’re going round in circles is making your head spin, we’d say it is.

    Here’s the thing: It’s vital you feel and believe you want and need change in your life right now, and you’re ready to do something about it. If your heart isn’t invested, it would be best we didn’t work together because you will get as much out of the work as you dedicate to it. If you’re ready to make change and quit making excuses, come on over and let’s do this!

    Can you guarantee that I'll change, though?

    Oooooooo that’s such an intriguing question!

    We’re here to support you throughout our time together by unearthing what’s going on beneath your behaviour. You will come to some ah-may-zing realisations and truths, and we’ll offer you new and fresh prespectives to view your life through. That’s guaranteed. The result and outcome of our time together lies in you taking action, and this is something you’re completely empowered with, my lovely. That responsibility is yours.

    Evolve & Emerge 1:1 Waiting List


    Thank you for your interest in working with me, my lovely. I'm currently slowing down the number of 1:1 clients I take on, so please enter your details below to get first notification as soon as a client spot is available.

    You can also contact me to know more about my group programme which has room for overwhelmed and burned out Muslim mothers.

    Fantastic! Please check your email now to confirm you want to be added to the waiting list.

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