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You feel the frustration.
You get stressed like a pro.
You’re exhausted of feeling stuck.

Let’s do something about that.

Evolve & Emerge 1:1

 Consistent support to become
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Honestly Me

A safe space for Muslim girls 13-17 to only share their ups + downs.


Before working with LaYinka, I felt like a failure, a terrible mother, and I couldn't get organised. I felt outta control, overwhelmed, and always losing my temper. Working with her took me on an internal journey. I had to dig deep, and now I feel more grounded, like I can make shifts to change my behaviour.

— Iffat, France

I was all over the place. I was confused and overwhelmed. I was feeling lost. LaYinka was my coach, friend and private guide, alhamdulillah. She gave me the confidence that I lacked before. Alhamdulillah I am now feeling great. A better version of my previous self. I am not more in tune with my purpose in this world.

— Washeelah Youshreen Choomka, Mauritius

Before, I felt that I was lost and stuck in a rut of fighting the same old, same old and not particularly progressing in any particular positive direction. Our work together helped me to learn more about myself in detail and how I work, or do not work. This has enabled me to be more aware of my thinking and manage it better, for positive actions and in essence a better life.

— S. K., UK

I am very happy how LaYinka heard my thoughts and emotions and saw how my mind works. I feel really happy that I chose her to be part of my growing as I needed someone who would gently push me in the direction that is good for me. The word 'happy' was not in my vocabulary, but she sprinkled back some hope of happiness in me and myself.

— Fatima Alauddin, UK

LaYinka is wonderful and relentlessly pushed me out of my comfort zone with courageous words without being ‎’pushy’.

— Raheemah Odusote, Nigeria

LaYinka Sanni’s coaching was an eye-opener for me. Within 30 minutes I learnt what I was lacking and what I must focus on. The best aspect for me was gaining clarity of goals and process.

— Umm Afraz, UAE

Before the session, I thought I was battling with writers block. LaYinka helped me unblock a denied truth – a fear of seeing the truth in black and white. And whilst I wanted to share my experience with the world by way of a book, LaYinka gently guided me to heal first — by way of journaling. Powerful!

— Umm Aasiyah, UK

I love that LaYinka held me accountable all the time because I knew that I always had to deliver. I am a lot more confident. I genuinely appreciated every push!

— Suad Kamardeen, UK

Through LaYinka’s direction, I’ve been able to focus on a very specific aspect that I can work on to transform my relationship with Allah.

— Samira Egala, UK

LaYinka’s method of coaching went straight to the heart of the matter, and helped me probe deep into what was causing my perceived writer’s block and procrastination. Being coached by LaYinka is the best decision I’ve made.

— Amina Oke, Nigeria

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