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There’s a reason why you’re on this page. You’re a heart-centered Muslim woman who wants to do things from the heart, with your Lord in mind ― love wholeheartedly, give freely, and be an exceptional woman outside the expectations of your environment. And while externally, it may seem like you’ve got it together, you have an internal stirring telling you something’s amiss.

You give so much of your time and energy to others, that life, responsibilities, pain, gains, and losses have led you to become so focused on what you are for others, that you’ve lost sight of who you are beneath all those layers, for yourself.

Enough hiding. It’s time to embrace evolution.

I work with heart-centered Muslim women like you to go on an epic journey from stagnation and overwhelm to living with intentional purpose and direction as your truest self, in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure.

Embrace Evolution

Evolve & Emerge 1:1 One-Off

 You have specific issues you’d like to address, and know that one-off sessions best suit your needs to evolve and emerge as your truest and best self.

Evolve & Emerge 1:1 Packages

 You’ve spent so long taking care of others, and want consistent guidance and support to finally start living beyond what you are in pursuit of your goals.

Evolve & Emerge Courses

You thrive in a group setting, and benefit from courses that create a ripple of internal and external shifts towards discovering and being your best inner self.

Emerge Through Words

Serious Scribes

You’re a writer and want to be amongst women on the path of crafting a book. With me steering the ship towards the inner and outer work of being a writer, you’ll journey towards your destination with a greater sense of ‘being’ as well as the ‘doing’.

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